ZRN-WZP-F aviation plug temperature sensor

ZRN-WZP-F aviation plug temperature sensor

Product description:

.ZRN-WZP aviation plug temperature sensor product manual:
• •• ZRN-WZP-F aviation plug temperature sensor is ZRN-WZP series of temperature sensors in a relatively normal sensors, sensor PT100 chips imported from Germany Thermal resistance , High precision, long life sensor insertion portion and standard products no difference, the lead part of common international standards for aviation plugs, this advantage is more convenient product plug when the signal line field maintenance. The Series temperature range of -50 ~ 450 ℃, the use of stainless steel package, fast thermal response time, standard socket output for easy connection and high reliability.
• •• The product output two-wire or three-wire system. ZRN-WZP aviation plug temperature sensor And supporting the temperature transmitter output 4 ~ 20mA or 1 ~ 5VDC.
• •• The product with the display device, control device, data logging devices, acquisition, paperless recorders and other supporting accurate temperature measurement and control.


Aerospace, power, sewage treatment, water supply? Petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries? Cogeneration units, air conditioning units, refrigeration units? Compressors, pressure-tested laboratory, industrial process measurement and control, internal combustion engine? Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, constant pressure water supply systems and other industries liquid, gas measurement and control
Technical Parameters:

Measuring media: gas liquids (stainless steel not corrosive gas or liquid)

Measuring range: -50-400 degrees (midscale optional)

Accuracy class: ± 0.5 ℃

Connectivity options: M20 * 1.5 G1 / 2 G1 / 4 quantities of non-standard according to customer requirements.

Select insertion depth: 30mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm quantities of non-standard according to customer requirements.

Power range: 12 ~ 36VDC

Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA or 1-5VDC

Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 85 ℃

Protection: IP65

Sampling frequency: ≤2ms

Probe material: stainless steel 316

Load capacity: (current type) 250 ~ 1425Ω (voltage type) ≥10 KΩ

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