ZRN-100Y-integrated tube stage ultrasonic flowmeter

ZRN-100Y-integrated tube stage ultrasonic flowmeter

Product description:

Technical Parameters * Accuracy: better than 1%, Repeatability: better than 0.2%
* Measuring cycle: 500ms (2 times per second, each cycle of 128 sets of data collection) ZRN-100Y-tube stage ultrasonic flowmeter is ZRN-100Y-18 line 4 is connected to the board a 20-key keyboard monitor parallel to a sealed package enclosure, realize online display and operation. Which products to avoid the errors tied and plug external sensor during installation and piping due to human factors produced. with high accuracy, wide turndown ratio, no pressure loss, simple installation advantage.
* Power supply: Isolated DC8 ~ 36V or optional AC85 ~ 264V
* Maximum flow rate: 64m / s (velocity resolution of 0.001m / s)
* Display: 2 * 10 characters backlit display (bilingual optional)
* Operation: magnetic 4 key window operation
* Signal Input: • 3-way 4-20mA analog input accuracy of 0.1% can input pressure, level, temperature and other signals
• 2 three-wire PT100 platinum resistance
* Signal output: • 1-channel isolated RS485 output
• 1-channel isolated OCT (programmable pulse width between 6 ~ 1000ms, default 200ms)
• 1 relay output (pulse width 200ms)
• 1-way 4-20mA output (active / passive output optional)
• 1 bidirectional Universal Serial Peripheral Interface, can be connected to multiple external devices (such as a mass data storage modules, etc.) directly through a series of forms
* Communication protocol: MODBUS protocol, M-BUS protocol, FUJI extended protocol, and is compatible with other domestic manufacturers of similar products communication protocol
* Connection: Optional flange / union type (Sanitary)
* Other features: • Automatic 512 days before memory, before 128 months, 10 years before the positive / negative / net total flow
• automatic memory 30 times before, the power outages and traffic can be automatically or manually via MODBUS protocol additional read-out
• Software upgrades can be achieved through the E-mail transmitted code file
* Power protection: power 100,000 hours data is not lost
* Protection: IP68
* Electrical connection: M16 * 1.5
Tube stage ultrasonic flowmeter flange connection Mechanical Dimensions Figure

Hygienic Mechanical Dimensions Figure

Selection coding

ZRN ―100 • ― • ― • ― • ― • ― • ― • ― • ― • ― • ― • ― •

Ultrasonic flowmeter selection illustrates: ZRN-100F1-AN-B2-200-0-1.6-MK-4-N-10
Explanation: The Wall hosts, AC power supply, M1 standard probe, DN200 diameter, carbon steel pipe, pressure 1.6MPa, flow units cubic meter, 485 output.
10 m cable.
Notes explain:
: * AC power applied to ZRN-100F type, ZRN-100Y type, other models hosts for battery-powered or DC power supply.
* DC power supply for all models, in addition to ZRN-100F1, F2, F3, ZRN-100S power is 24VDC, the rest is 8-36VDC.
* ZRN-100W battery-powered meter can also 8-36V power supply, please indicate if required when ordering.
: Battery-powered ultrasonic flowmeter, industrial water / heat meters, such as the choice of plug-in or clamp-on sensors, the maximum measurable diameter is DN800.
: Cast iron, glass, steel, PVC, cement and other non-welded pipes such as the selection plug-in sensor, to be equipped with a dedicated pipe hoop before installation, please specify when ordering.
: The minimum reading only applies to ZRN-100W battery-powered ultrasonic water meter selection.
: * If you choose active 4-20mA output, the power supply requirements AC or DC 24V.
* OCT pulse width factory default settings 200ms, between 6 ~ 1000ms programmable.
* Battery-powered ultrasonic water meter or heat meter RS485 output, there are two options, one is the internal battery, operating voltage of 3.3V, and the other is
Require external DC power supply provided, please indicate when the user ordering, or they may output interface 485 is invalid.