ZRN-WZP-G2 thermal resistance

ZRN-WZP-G2 thermal resistance

Product description:

Overview: ZRN- WZP-G2 Series threaded connection pt100 Temperature Sensor From the junction box, fixture thread and the protective tube consists of three parts. Products can be widely used measure temperature, liquid temperature, oil temperature and surface temperature

Technical Parameters
1. Platinum resistance: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
Temperature range: (-80 ~ 500) ℃
2. Common Accuracy:
A level: ± (0.15 + 0.002 | t |) ℃
Grade B: ± (0.30 + 0.005 | t |) ℃
| T | - absolute value of the actual temperature of
3. Unless otherwise noted, C = L + 150 ( Cold End), can also be specified
The atmospheric pressure conditions for the existence of pressure, please indicate pressure size
There are no cold side cold end

selected type table
Platinum thermal resistance model
1 = Pt100 5 = Pt500 10 = Pt1000
Sensor Type
1 = 802 = -50 ~ 0 ~ 100 2 = 2003 = -50 to -50 to 250 to specify
Temperature range (℃)
B = B grade A = A grade specified
Sensor accuracy
N mouth
0 = No 150 = 150 (standard delivery of products)
Is there a cold end
100=100 250=250
350 = 350 600 = 600 specified
The total length of the protective tube (mm)
4 = 48 = 812 = 12 16 = 16 designated
Protection tube diameter
5 = M5 * 0.8 8 = M8 * 1
10 = M10 * 1 12 = M12 * 1.5
Thread Size
1 = SUS321 4 = SUS304 6 = SUS316 Designation
Protection tube material
2 = two 3 = three-wire line 4 = four-wire
Lead wire
G mouth
1 = BOP formula
2 = waterproof specify
Junction Box Type
0 = no, do not fill
2 = Armour type
3 = embalmed
special request
Remark : For user-specified parameters required, directly to the number or text can be marked out.
Selection example : WZP-G2 -B1- T3- PA- N0 / C350 / D4 / M10 / S4- E3- G2
Explanation: PT100, temperature range -50 ~ 200 ℃, accuracy class A, three-wire, protection tube diameter 4mm, length 350mm, waterproof junction box

WZ series of industrial heat resistance as the temperature measurement sensor, usually associated with temperature transmitter, controller and display instrumentation supporting the use of the composition process control system, using
Direct measurement or control of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface temperature within the various production processes range of -200 ℃ -500 ℃.
Thermal resistance is the use of material changes in temperature itself also changes with resistance characteristic to measure temperature. When the measured mediator ordained in the presence of temperature, measured
Temperature range where the temperature sensing element is the average temperature of the medium.
While various thermal resistance appearance vary widely, but their basic structure is similar, the general temperature sensitive element, the insulating sleeve, the protective tube, and a major part of junction boxes
· Good compression spring-type temperature sensing element, anti-vibration performance;
· High precision temperature measurement;
· High mechanical strength, good pressure resistance;
· Imported film resistive element, reliable performance and stability.
working principle
Thermal resistance is the use of material changes in temperature, its resistance changes with the characteristics to measure the temperature. When the resistance changes, the working instrument will show the
Resistance corresponding to the temperature value.
The main technical parameters
Product performance standards
GB / T16839-1997
JB / T5582-91
Insulation resistance at room temperature
Thermal resistance at ambient temperature of 15-35 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%, the insulation test voltage 10-100V (DC) between the electrode and the jacket pipe
Resistance) 100MΩ.
Measuring temperature and Tolerance

No indexing
Temperature range
Accuracy class
Allowable error
A level
± (0.15 + 0.002) ltl
Grade B
± (0.30 + 0.005) ltl
Cu50 Cu100
± (0.30 + 0.005) ltl
WB integrated temperature transmitter is a contact site with instruments to measure temperature, usually their corresponding secondary instrument or computer acquisition measurement system supporting the use, can accurately measure the temperature of the production process in a variety of media work or objects (using the range of -200 ℃ ~ 1600 ℃).
WB integrated temperature transmitter is waterproof or explosion-proof junction box assembly temperature sensor mounted transmitter amplification module, and the sensor is connected to form an integrated, output standard 4 ~ 20mA DC (two-wire) .JWB explosion Integration temperature transmitters, while meeting the flameproof d II BT4 and intrinsically safe explosion-proof performance iaII CT5 of (intrinsically safe barrier must be fitted).
This series of products GB reference to the relevant standards and regulations related content JJG issued by the State, taking and related documents in accordance with IEC standards, and with reference to the advantages of similar products at home and abroad to optimize the design of the entire product more reliable and accurate, ideal for a variety environmental site temperature measurement.

1, the basic structure: Sensor + (connecting device + junction box + protective tube) + transmitter module
2, the length of representation: L = total length * protection tube insertion length (unit: mm, sealing surface following is inserted length)
3, to determine the length of the cold end: Because determining the overall length of the protective tube and inserted length, will determine the length of the protective tube of non-insertion portion, namely the length of the cold end of the cold end length standard 150mm; the temperature below 125 ℃. measurement, see the impact of temperature on the cold side of the situation can be appropriately extended, such as 250mm or 300mm.
4, the length of the cold end uses:
a, transmission module operating temperature of -10 ~ 75 ℃, through the length of the cold end of the temperature field to conduction and radiation to reduce the temperature between the junction box to protect the circuit transmission module.
b, if you must have a thermocouple sensor cold end length.
c, to protect the terminals and cables.
Output: Two-wire 4 ~ 20mADC
Power supply: 24VDC (12V ~ 36VDC)
Accuracy: A grade of 0.2%; grade B 0.5%
Load: ≥650Ω (24VDC)
Output protection: open sensor output ≤25mA, when sensor short circuit output ≤3.8mA
Range: selected according to usage requirements and definitions refer to 57 *.
Installation: selected according to usage requirements and definitions refer to page 52-55 *.
Functional structure: selected according to usage requirements and definitions refer to page 56-57 *.
Protection tube length: selected according to usage requirements and definitions refer to 51 *.
(Note: Content plus an asterisk must be clearly when ordering.)