ZRN704 split ultrasonic level meter

ZRN704 split ultrasonic level meter

Product description:

ZRN704 series ultrasonic level meter is an intelligent non-contact liquid (material) level measuring instruments. Products with an adjustable transmission power, the whole range of gain control, automatic temperature compensation function, and the use of original detection and calculation method that can identifying false signals, so as to effectively remove all kinds of interference signals due to the use of original detection and calculation method fundamentally enhance the measurement accuracy of the data series and the stability of the products can be widely used in a variety of liquids and solids level measurement, but also it can be used for ranging use.

TU704 sub-size ultrasonic liquid (material) level meter

The main parameters and functions:
Power source: standard configuration 220VAC or 24VDC
Signal output: 4 ~ 20mA or optional RS485
Wiring: transducers and instrumentation 4-wire connection (wire size as long as it satisfies the mechanical strength can be recommended 4-core shielded cable, shield connected to GND single-head meter, the maximum transmission distance ≤300m)
Range: 0 ~ 30m
Display: 6 LCD, menu selectable backlight lit and off (off delay)
Full launch angle: 6 ° ~ 12 ° (proportional to the size and ranging capability emission angle)
Operating mode: measuring distance or measuring level
Level set: mounting height 'or' current level '
Current track: Abnormal namely with 'mode or' abnormal wait 'mode
Blind: 0.25 ~ 0.90m, blind size and distance capacity is proportional to the inherent blind
Resolution: measuring distance (10m:. 1mm ≥10m when measuring distance: 10mm
Probe protection: IP67, IP68
Accuracy: 0.25%, 0.5%
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ + 55 ℃
Probe Shape: Dimensions: 205 (H) * 115 (W) excluding water into the thread * 120 (D)
Probe mounting: nut mounting hole, thread: M66 * 3
Openings: 68mm
Probe Housing: high-strength engineering nylon (PA6 GF30)
Control output: 1. Wall-mounted 3 Group 6 relay outputs programmable control
2. The ultrasonic level meter panel mounted two sets of four programmable relay control output
Wall-mounted DIMENSIONS:
Instrument Size: 184 (H) excluding water into the thread * 231 (W) * 118 (D)
Meter Installation: wall mounting
Case Material: ABS plastic
Panel mounted shape and installation dimensions:
Instrument Size: 160 (W) * 80 (H) * 100 (D) mm
Hole size: 152 * 76mm
Instrument Materials: ABS plastic
A, split wall machine meter size Fig.

B, split disk installed meter size Figure C, one 2-wire, 3-wire meter size Fig.

Installation diagram

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