ZRN-Q401 combustible gas detectors

ZRN-Q401 combustible gas detectors

Product description:

ZRN-Q401 combustible gas detector Features:

• explosion-proof grade ExdⅡCT6
• High precision, long life of imported electrochemical gas sensors
• Automatic temperature compensation, zero, span drift compensation
• Anti-impact high concentrations of gas automatic protection function
• Full software calibration feature, users can self-calibration, with three buttons to achieve, simple operation
• Two-wire 4 ~ 20mA output, RS232 signal output (optional)
• Two cable entry, easy on-site installation
• Independent chamber structure, sensor replacement easy

ZRN-Q401 combustible gas detector technical indicators

• Detection of gas: air, combustible and toxic gases
• Detection method: fixed-line detection, diffusion measurement
• Display: LCD
• Explosion-proof mark: ExdⅡCT6
• Explosion-proof connecting thread: 3 / 4'NPT
• Signal output: 4 ~ 20mA two-wire standard current (maximum load 1500 ohms); RS232 computer communication interface (optional)
• Maximum transmission distance: 1100 meters (2.5 mm2 copper cable)
• Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
• Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
• Power source: 24VDC ± 12VDC
• Maximum power consumption: 2.5W
• Weight: about 1.5Kg

Output signal: standard Current: 4 ~ 20mA, standard RS485 interface, low limit alarm relay output (alarm: 1 ~ 25% LEL), high alarm relay output (alarm point 50% LEL), relay contact capacity: DC30V / 1A ※ measurable gases: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, CH4 (methane), C2H6 (ethane), C3H8 (propane), C4H10 (butane), C5H12 (pentane), C6H14 (hexane) C7H16 (heptane), C8H18 (octane), H2 (hydrogen), C2H4 (ethylene), CH4O (methanol), C2H5O (ethanol), C3H8O2 (propylene glycol), (CH3) 2CO (acetone), C4H8O (meth acetone ), C6H12O (methyl ketone), C6H12 (cyclohexane), (C2H5) 2O (diethyl ether), C4H8O2 (ethyl acetate), C7H8 (toluene), C8H10 (xylene), C2H2 (acetylene), etc.