ZRN206 corrosion pressure transmitter

ZRN206 corrosion pressure transmitter

Product description:

product description

ZRN206 Corrosion pressure transmitter , Using the German high performance corrosion HELM tantalum diaphragm force-sensitive chip, with high-precision electronic components, assembled by rigorous process. The series has strong corrosion resistance, wear-resistant characteristics, a good solution Strong pressure resistance and weak corrosive gas or liquid domestic special occasions measurement problems.

The series pressure transmitter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection and other fields, corrosive gases, liquids, steam gauge pressure, absolute pressure, negative pressure automatic measurement and control.


• Tantalum diaphragm piezoresistive chip, corrosion resistance strong
• shock, vibration, abrasion
• High precision: 0.25% FS 0.4% FS
• Good stability: ≤0.2% FS / years, ≤ 0.02% FS / ℃
• No production process pollution; no force transmitting filling liquid
• shell material can be polyvinyl chloride (PVC), titanium or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), customers can choose according to media corrosion.

Measuring media: strong corrosion and weak corrosive gas or liquid

Product Selection:
ZRN206 mouth E Port A Port C Port corrosion pressure transmitter
Measurement form and scale (specify range)
G, gauge A, absolute pressure (0 ~ 60MPa) B, sealing pressure P, the flat membrane type
Diaphragm material
K, tantalum diaphragm (default) T sputtered film
E port
output signal
1, (0 ~ 5) VDC 2, two-wire (4 ~ 20) mA (default) 3, (0 ~ 10) mA 4, other specified
A port
10.1 20.25 30.5
C port
Process connections
1, external thread M20 * 1.5 (default) 2, external thread G1 / 2 3, external thread NPT1 / 2 4, other specified
R port
Its Fully
1, the cable leads 2, Hochman Interface 3, other users Conventions