ZRN-MD-A-line densitometer

ZRN-MD-A-line densitometer

Product description:

Plug-in densitometer

ZRN-MD-A intelligent online density meter / concentration meter (transmitter) is our continuous online measurement of liquid density and concentration of high-tech instrumentation products according to market demand for independent research and development, it can be directly used in industrial processes fill the measuring line density continuous control blank. The density meter uses capacitive differential pressure sensor connected therewith, insert production process consisting of a pair of pressure repeaters, and can be added to the continuous measurement of process temperature compensated density or concentration . The change ZRN-DM as two-wire transmitter, the measurement of density (concentration) values ​​are converted to 4 - 20mA signal output and superimposed HART protocol communication.

ZRN-DM-line density meter can be of various liquids or liquid mixture is conducted online density measurement it can be widely used in oil refining, oil, oil-water interface monitoring in the petrochemical industry; In the food industry for the grape juice, tomato juice, fruit syrup, vegetable oils and soft drinks processing and other production site; dairy industry; test paper, black pulp, green pulp, white pulp, alkaline solution; wine alcohol; chemical class of organic solvents, urea, detergents, ethylene glycol, pH and polymer density test may also be used in mining salt, potash, oil, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Main features:

1. The use of two-wire transmitter integrated structure, no moving parts and simple maintenance.

2. Digital LCD.
3. easy to install, insert the liquid to display readings.
4. For small flow or stationary liquid, suitable for tank installation.
5. The temperature and density of the two parameters can be displayed simultaneously, facilitate industry standard density and concentration conversion.
6. continuous on-line measurement of liquid density without process interruption can be directly used in the production process control.
7. contact with the liquid components are all stainless steel, safety; and health.
8. intrinsically safe explosion-proof products to meet different dangerous situations; hygienic food production can be installed on site.

Line density meter specifications:

1. 4 ~ 20mA current output. Superimposed digital signal (HART protocol)
2. 16 ~ 30VDC power supply is recommended to use 24VDC.
3. Density Range 0 ~ 2 g / Cc; or 0 ~ 3 g / Cc (when available table is selected)
4. Accuracy: 0.001 g / Cc
5. Resolution 0.001 g / Cc

6. Temperature range:

Ambient temperature -40 ~ 85 ℃

Process temperature -20 ~ 150 ℃

Storage temperature -40 ~ 100 ℃

Digital temperature -10 ~ 60 ℃

7. Temperature range: 0 to 90%

8. Damping adjustment: 0-31 seconds

9. configuration: can be configured via digital communications (HART) protocol

10. Electrical Interface: 1 / 2-14NPT or M20x1.5 (metric)

11. Installation: side or top mounting