ZRN508 single flange torque sensor

ZRN508 single flange torque sensor

Product description:

I. Features:

Single flange torque sensor is a sensor in the standard measure torsional strain sensor developed on the basis of special torque transmission parameters of axial mounting.

(ZRN503 series of various ranges can be changed axially mounted)

This series torque sensor includes:

1. Torque measurement function; energy and non-contact signal transfer function, 3 output signal digitization function;

2. You can pass static torque signal, rotation torque signal, dynamic torque signal, a static torque signal;

3. When the transfer signal and whether to rotate, speed and direction can be adapted to long-independent, high-speed operation.;

4. High accuracy, good stability;

5. Small size, light weight, easy to install;

6. without repeatedly reversing the zero torque can be continuously transmitted signal;

7. No collector rings and other wear parts, can be as high speed long-running;

8. Strong anti-interference;

9. anywhere, any orientation.

Second, technical indicators

1. range: 5102050, 100000N · m;

2. Accuracy: 0.5% F · S;

3. For Speed ​​4500 rev / min or less;

4. Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ -50 ℃;

5. Frequency Response: 100 μs;

6. weight = 4Kg.

7. Output signal: 0-12v square wave frequency; load current (10mA;

Zero torque: 10 KHZ; Forward span: 15 KHZ; reverse full scale: 5 KHZ;

8. The signal receptacle: (1) 0V (2) + 15V (3) -15V (4) (null) (5) torque signal....

This series torque signal coupling transformer sensing power supply because it is, it can work long-term, widely used in motors, generators, gear, engine torque monitoring.

1. The use of two sets of coupling, with the torque sensor signal coupler installed between the power source and the load.

2. It is recommended to use a flexible elastic or universal joint couplings, in order to ensure concentricity ∠0.1mm 3. Power and load equipment must be reliable fixation to avoid vibration.