ZRN509 cardan shaft torque sensor

ZRN509 cardan shaft torque sensor

Product description:

ZRN509 universal shaft dynamic torque sensor used:
Accurate measurement of universal shaft torque parameters has been quite a headache for the industry is a problem, people have long been measured torque exploring disk:
My company after and discuss the industry, after several field use, the development of intrinsically safe ZRN509 cardan shaft torque sensor, so that in the above case has a solution.
A, ZRN509 cardan shaft torque sensor features
1, measuring location and method can fully reflect the real situation of the majority of the torque turntable rig mechanical drive, always connect the turntable through a propeller shaft to achieve, as long as the universal shaft torque measured multiplied by turntable gear ratio you can get a real turntable output torque.
2, high accuracy due to the strain gauge pasted directly measure torque on the shaft, such that the error measured torque signal is extremely small, one measuring torsional strain due to mature technology can basically exclude non-torsional stress, and second, Thanks cardan shaft such that the shaft body structure itself suffered minimal axial forces and bending moments.
3, the non-contact power transfer and signal processing circuit due to the strain on the shaft there is a signal to rotate with the shaft, which part of the circuit to obtain the energy output and the processed signal, the sensor uses a non-contact manner of transfer, this feature is key to the sensor can be put into practical use. in the past had a similar measure shaft torque sensor is used to transmit signals and energy through brush and slip ring, but use a long time poor contact occurs and signal noise increases fault, impact measurement.
4, the torque can be measured both positive and negative directions of the conventional measurement methods can only measure the torque in one direction.
5, the response time is short due to the strain gauges glued directly measured response time axis, the signal output is almost depends on only the response time of the signal processing circuit.
ZRN509 sensor technology parameters:

1, measuring range: -100000∽ + 100000Nm;
2, speed: 0-1000 r / min
3, Accuracy: ± 0.5% FS;
4, the power supply voltage: 24VDC;
5, the output signal: 10 ± 5KHz or 4 ~ 20MA (two-wire);
6, the working temperature: -40 ~ 60 ℃
7, relative humidity: ≤90%
8, range overload: 120% ≤
9, shell protection: IP65

Pictured above, the sensor's power supply is provided on the shaft by a group of ring-type transformers, induction voltage through the shaft rectifier, regulator and other circuit is converted into a highly stable DC voltage. The voltage is supplied either as a strain bridge bridge voltage, the rotating shaft of the circuit is also supplied as a working voltage strain bridge mV level of the detected signal by the instrumentation amplifier to V level signal, and then through the V / F converter into the FM signal proportional to the torque. shaft via a wireless transmitter, non-contact portion of the shaft is transmitted to the wireless receiver does not vary outside turn again to revert to the original and the torque is proportional to the FM signal demodulator, and then through the F / I converter to convert the FM signal into 4 ~ 20mA standard signal.

The product has the following characteristics:

• Internal transfer mode using a unique non-contact input and output signals
• Measures static torque, dynamic torque
• Measure positive, reverse torque, no need to adjust the zero
• Output signal 4 ~ 20mA, strong anti-interference.
• input power polarity, output torque, speed signal protection
• No collector rings and other wear parts, can be as high speed long-running
• torque and rotational speed measurement accuracy, independent of direction
• High precision, good stability.
• Measures forward and reverse torque, speed and power
• rotational inertia of small
• high reliability and long life.
• Intrinsically safe riot