IC730 capacitive level switch

IC730 capacitive level switch

Product description:


IC730 RF capacitive level switches, also known as radio frequency capacitance level switch, capacitance level control, level control or level control, is an economical product can be substituted at low viscosity and low-impact case rotating resistance level switch. It is applicable to solid powder, the materials and the level of fine particles silo, lower limit alarm or control.


1. High reliability: a simple mechanical and circuit structure, no moving parts, the latter after installation no maintenance.
2. The low temperature drift: digital circuit no zero drift, season replacement without re-adjustment.

(working principle)

The limit switch can be installed in a suitable position at the top of each silo or bin on the side of Bi on the material level, the lower limit position control (or alarm). Since the dielectric constant of the material under test and the air is different, so the warehouse was Bit probe will cause a change on the warehouse wall capacitance change, when the electric capacity is greater than the set value of the user. relay limit switch inside, the output of a switch to control (or alarm) purposes .

(Main Specifications)

1. meter section
* Working environment: Temperature -30 ~ 60 ℃ Humidity ≤90%
* Power supply voltage: AC220V 10% 50Hz or DC24V disabilities
* Power consumption: ≤3W
* Output signal: a group of normally open relay contact (contact capacity AC 220V 0.5A)
2. The probe section
Temperature: room type (-20-60 ℃)
Medium temperature (-40-200 ℃)
High temperature (-40-800 ℃)

(Terminal board member profile)

(Dimensions and installation)

As shown, the use of R1 or R1.5 pipe thread installation

(IC730 capacitive level switch model establishment and description)