ZRN609 weighing module

ZRN609 weighing module

Product description:

Weighing module is a combination of components weighing member will load cell, load transfer devices and installation and connection pieces together, mainly used in only a vertical force, horizontal force or smaller process measurement control, you can easily with a variety of containers or devices connected in order to achieve accurate measurement purposes; a weight measurement unit may consist of three, four or more modules.

• weighing module with high-quality sensors, high precision weighing;

• unique structure, can be easily installed in a variety of tanks on;

• Limit studs to prevent equipment overturning and easy maintenance;

• high-quality steel, surface rust treatment;

• Installation is simple, fast;

• There are alloy steel and stainless steel optional, used in different environmental conditions

• Capacity: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 tons;

• Environment: moisture, corrosion, explosion-proof

• Applications: Platform, Storage Tank, tank, hopper, reactor
Weighing Modules
Uses and Features

Easy connection with mechanical devices of various shapes, easy to install.
With self-aligning feature, the force value is passed accurately.
It provided with a horizontal spacing and jacking structure, reliable, easy to replace the sensor.