ZRN705 ultrasonic level difference meter

ZRN705 ultrasonic level difference meter

Product description:

First, the working principle
ZRN705 ultrasonic level difference meter The ultrasonic probe are installed in the upper part of the front and rear compartments sewage grid (see illustration below ), which are controlled by the host to launch a bunch of ultrasonic liquid level, the beam is reflected sound wave after reaching a liquid surface is received by the probe, the spread of the host measured process time t, can be derived from the liquid to the probe d according to the known sound velocity v, known under the premise of the probe to the bottom of the container that is installed from the height H of the container can be converted from liquid height h, is calculated as follows :
h = Hd
d = V * t / 2 [V: shengsu t: chuanboshijian]
After the front grille level detection, the level can be derived by subtracting the difference .

Second, the main technical parameters of ultrasonic level difference meter

Third, the meter size Fig.

Fourth, the instrument wiring