ZRN204 Smart Pressure Transmitter

ZRN204 Smart Pressure Transmitter

Product description:

ZRN204 Smart Pressure Transmitter
ZRN204 Smart Pressure Transmitters Using high-performance pressure-sensitive chip, with advanced processing and temperature compensation circuit, the pressure change into a linear current or voltage signal. Products with HART communication, with communication and self-diagnostic function, the user uses a handheld terminal or fieldbus systems long-distance transmission, read, display, and all the work information and additional information input to the transmitter. It can be used to gauge pressure, vacuum and absolute pressure.
With reverse polarity and current limit protection; laser trimming temperature compensation, a wide range of corrosion-resistant, suitable for a variety of media; overload and anti-jamming ability, stable performance; unique display header design, can be equipped with analog, digital display header; zero and span can be adjusted via the handheld, wide-scale migration range.
Zero and Span adjustment:
Zero and span adjustment of the transmitter site can be adjusted by the transmitter itself buttons; handheld terminal can also remotely adjust specific method is: after adding zero pressure and stable, while holding down the Z and S keys (Z to zero adjustment, S for the range adjustment) for 5 seconds release, press Z key for 2 seconds to adjust the zero, plus full-scale pressure and stable, press the S key 2 seconds to adjust the full-scale NOTE: Zero adjustment range of pressure calibration range ± 8 %, scale calibration range of 30% to 100% range of pressure, continuously adjustable. After the adjustment is completed, cover and tighten closures.

Technical Parameters:
Measuring media
Gas, liquid, oil, is compatible with the 316 medium
Measurement form and scope
Gauge (G) - Maximum (0 ~ 120) MPa, the minimum (0 ~ 1) KPa
Absolute pressure (A) - Maximum (0 ~ 120) MPa, the minimum (0 ~ 10) KPa
Negative pressure (B) - Maximum (-0.1 ~ 40) MPa, the minimum (-0.2 ~ 0.2) KPa
0.1, 0.25, 0.5
2 to 20 times the range
Long-term stability:
Less than 0.25% FS / years, less than 0.5% FS / Year
Power supply:
15 ~ 36 VDC (calibration voltage 24VDC)
output signal:
(4 ~ 20) mA (two-wire) HART communication
display method:
4 LCD display
It comes with two light-touch buttons
0:00 range migration
Directly through the buttons on the zero and span migration
Operating temperature:
(-40 ~ 80) ℃ Compensation temperature: (-20 ~ 70) ℃
Process connection:
M20 * 1.5 outer thread or a user specified
Isolation diaphragm material:
Housing material:
Aluminum alloy
Protection class:

Product Selection
ZRN204 mouth S port P port C port V port Smart Pressure Transmitters
Smart Pressure Transmitter
Measurement form (specify range)
G, gauge A, absolute pressure B, sealing pressure (specify reference pressure value)
Diaphragm material
K, diffused silicon (default) T, ceramic piezoresistive P, ceramic capacitors
E port
output signal
1, two-wire (4 ~ 20) mA 2, HART protocol output 31-5V low-power 4, other specified
A port
10.1 20.25 30.5
C port
Process connections
1, external thread M20 * 1.5 (default) 2, external thread G1 / 2 3, external thread NPT1 / 2 4, flush membrane 5, other specified
D port
display method
1. No display (default) 20 to 100% linear indication 3, LCD digital range display (LCD) 4, LCD digital 0 to 100 percent display (LCD) 5, LED numbers 0 to 100 percent display (LED)
R port
1, 2 intrinsically safe, explosion-3, the damper 4, the user agreement

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