Thermal gas mass flow meter

Thermal gas mass flow meter

Product description:

There are traffic data model algorithm; fuzzy theory to control the temperature, humidity algorithm; high-performance intelligent microprocessor and analog to digital, digital to analog conversion chip; wide turndown ratio of 1000: 1; large diameter, low flow rates, pressure loss can be ignored; direct measurement of quality flow, without temperature and pressure compensation; low flow measurement is very sensitive to the straight sections demanding 1-2D..

First, the product application:
• Factory compressed air measurements
• Gas Measurement
• measurement of gas and air blowing boilers
• Sewage aeration measurement
• Torch gas measurement
• LPG and methane measurements
• Hydrogen Measurement
• steel plant aerated measure
• Fertilizer Plant ammonia measurement
• coking plant coke oven gas measurement
• ironworks blast furnace gas measurement
• Plant Blast primary air, secondary air measurements
• pulverized coal combustion process powder / air ratio control
• chimney flue monitor SO2 and NOX in the exhaust emissions
• Fuel cell plant various gas flow measurement
• cement industry vertical mills discharge heat flow control
• heat treatment and quenching furnace control hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases
• rolling mill furnace gas (blast furnace gas, coke gas, natural gas, etc.) measurement and control

Second, product characteristics:
• patented technology using extremely high stability platinum RTD sensor
• uses proprietary technology to enjoy balanced package structure, medium temperature self-compensation
• proprietary algorithm, can achieve high linearity and high repeatability, precision
• Wide turndown ratio of 1000: 1, according to user requirements can be extended
• pressure loss is small and can be ignored
• The minimum flow can be measured down to zero, the resolution 0.001m / s
• You can achieve large small diameter flow measurement
• The multi-point flow measurement
• Vibration effects can be ignored
• demanding 1-2D straight pipe
• Bi-directional flow measurement medium
• independent of temperature and medium pressure
• proprietary algorithm temperature, medium temperature up to 510 ℃.
• Use high humidity algorithm to achieve high-precision measurement
• traffic signal type 12:00 dynamic correction, built-in 10-point correction
• One key is cleared
• Online dynamic correction current / voltage output
• Wide-screen LCD, direct reading instantaneous flow, cumulative flow
• For dust and other small particles are not sensitive
• Online continuous flow handling, easy maintenance
• different sectors corresponding to the respective product signals (flue gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, vehicle exhaust, etc.)

Third, the product works:
ZRN-GF Series flowmeter / flow switch is based on the principle of thermal diffusion flow meter. That is when the use of fluid flow through the heating body, the heat dissipation of body heat and fluid flow showed a certain number of proportional relationship. Specifically, the flow The sensor has two meter standard grade of RTD, one used to make the heat source, for measuring a temperature of the fluid, the fluid flows, the size of the temperature difference between the flow rate of a non-linear relationship, the instrument can be convert this relationship to measure the flow linear output signal.
Produced by thermal diffusion theory flowmeter has two design methods: First: Based on the principle of constant temperature difference; the second is based on the principle of constant power common data model based on: P / • T = A + B (Q) N -1.. Here: P- • T- temperature difference dissipated power between the two sensors, A, B is concerned with the thermal performance of the gas coefficient.
CTD principle: • T remains unchanged, the power dissipation P and the fluid flow rate Q increasing exponential function relationship.
Constant power principle: power dissipation constant, T is the temperature difference • Flow of fluid Q decreasing exponential function relationship.

ZRN-GF Series thermal gas mass flow meter constant power principle, reached the international advanced level.

Five performance indicators:
• Measuring range: 0-120m / s (20 ℃, 101.33KPa)
• Accuracy: ± 1% of reading ± 0.5% full scale
• Repeatability: 0.2% of full scale
• Ambient temperature range: -40 ℃ - 85 ℃ (without display);: -30 ℃ - 70 ℃ (have shown); humidity less than 90% RH
• Medium temperature range: -40 ℃ - 100 ℃ -40 ℃ - 200 ℃; -40 ℃ -450 ℃; -40 ℃ - 510 ℃
• Analog output: Flow: 4-20mADC; Temperature: 4-20mADC
• Cumulative pulse output
• Type 12 of non-linear correction, built-in 10-band non-linear correction
• Communication: serial output RS232 / RS485
• Power supply:; 24VDC / 600mA; 220VAC / 2W; 110VAC / 3W
• upper and lower output relay
• Instantaneous flow rate display seven or eight cumulative flow
• One clear function
• Current output line correction
• Large-screen LCD display
• Process pressure: (1.6Mpa (Max 20MPa)
• Process connection: flange / locking device / valve connection
• Intrinsically Safe, Explosion