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ZRN300 Differential Pressure Transmitter

ZRN300 Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • ZRN300 Differential Pressure Transmitter
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ZRN300 differential pressure transmitter can be used to measure differential pressure or gauge (static), and the signal is converted to a proportional current signal, the output current signal 4-20ma. Intrinsically safe, explosion-proof grade iaIICT4 (selected ) can work in explosion-proof environment, the smallest measuring range up to 0 ~ 25Pa, the maximum measurement range of 0 ~ 25Kpa, at room temperature accuracy of ± 1% FS, temperature compensation in the range of + 5 ~ + 65 ℃, by temperature compensation circuit, the temperature is less than ± 0.06% FS / ℃.
ZRN300 its excellent performance and low cost is widely used in natural gas pipeline monitoring, power plant air pressure testing, research and other areas, such as HVAC, laboratory, energy management systems, fan control, pollution control, clean engineering, gas pipeline system , underground ventilation monitoring, medical instruments and equipment.
. Comply with intrinsically safe certification: iaIICT4 (c268 selected)
Differential Pressure Transmitter main technical parameters:

Measuring range
Minimum 0-25PA, maximum 0-25KPA
powered by
output signal
Wire 4-20mA
Storage temperature
Air or similar non-conductive gas
± 0. 5% FS
Protection class
± 0.98% FS, ± 0.33% FS, ± 0.20% FS
Cast aluminum
± 0.20% FS, ± 0.20% FS, ± 0.20% FS
Preheat drift
± 0.1% FS
± 0.1% FS, ± 0.1% FS, ± 0.1% FS
¢ 3mm screws hanging hole
To both positive and negative 70KPA
Operating temperature
-18-65 ℃ (temperature only electronic components, the temperature measurement medium may be higher or lower)
Pressure connection
And 1/4 "hose connected to 3/16" pyramid compression fitting (¢ 8 tower pressure connector)