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ZRN-LF industrial fluorine Ion Detector

ZRN-LF industrial fluorine Ion Detector
  • ZRN-LF industrial fluorine Ion Detector
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ZRN-LF industrial fluorine Ion Detector Notable features:
①, self-cleaning sensor
Secondly, a key to restore to factory settings
Thirdly, multiple parameters at the same time display
Black, three groups of relay control
⑤, post troubleshooting
⑥ Online values correction
Sadly, press audio feedback

Technical parameters:
1, the measurement range: 0.000~1.000mg/L, 0.00~10.00mg/L, 0.0~100.0mg/L, 0~1000mg/L four
2, resolution: 0.01mg/L
3, zero point correction: 50mV
4, the slope calibration range: 20%~180%
5, temperature compensation: 0~99.9 c (automatic or manual)
6, relay control range: 0.00~19.99
7, automatic cleaning time: 1s~99m59s
8 cleaning interval: 1~720min
9, two sets of signal output: 4~20mA (f) 4~20mA (temperature)
10, communication interface: RS485 (optional)
11, the working voltage: AC220V ± 50/60Hz
12, size: 144*144*210mm
13, hole size: 138*138 mm
14, installation: flush mounting
15, the working conditions of the instrument:
① environment temperature:-5~55℃
② Air relative humidity: ≤ 90%
③ In addition to the Earth's magnetic field around strong magnetic field interference