ZRN-WZP-T Platinum thermal resistance

ZRN-WZP-T Platinum thermal resistance

Product description:

ZRN-WZP-T series adopts the Germany Valley Pt100 temperature sensor chips. high precision, good stability. To suit all applications. Temperature probe in part by fixed thread and thermal protection tube of the two parts. Because of thread sizes and temperature-measuring the length and diameter of the tube may have a variety of options, so threaded temp sensor has a strong adaptability and flexibility, can be used in ambient temperature, fluid pipes as well as the need to thread the fixed installation of temperature measurement. Temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTD insertion depth, installation depth see (temperature sensor installation method).

Technical parameters
Structure diagram
1. platinum resistance thermometer: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
Temperature measuring range: ( -80~300) c
2. accuracy: grade: ± (0.15+0.002| t|) ℃
B-class: ± (0.30+0.005| t|) ℃
|t| -The measured absolute temperature of
3. atmospheric pressure and pressure conditions exist, please indicate the pressure

Selected Type Table
Platinum thermal resistance type
1=Pt100 5=Pt500 10=Pt1000
Sensor type
1=-50~80 2=0~100 3=-50~200 4=-50~250 specified
Temperature range (℃)
B=B-level A=A-level specified
Sensor accuracy
30=30 45=45 60=60 150=150 specified
Depth (mm)
3=3 4=4 6=6 8=8 specified
Protection tube diameter (mm)
5=M5*0.8 8=M8*1
10=M10*1 12=M12*1.5
The specified
Thread sizes
1=SUS321 4=SUS304 6=SUS316 the specified
Protection tubes
1=1000 2=2000 the specified
Length (mm)
2 = line 3 = line 4 = four-wire
1= PVC PVC (-20~80℃)
Polyurethane TPU 2= (-50~100℃)
3=Teflon (-50~250℃)
The specified
Leader material
Brackets for lead common temperature range
0= no, not filled
1= has
Wire shield/
Cable sheathing
0 = no, do not fill
1= retaining wire springs
3= antiseptic treatment
The specified
Special requirements
Notes : For a user-specified parameter requirements, can be directly marked with a number or text.
Selection example : ZRN-WZP-T -B1- T3- PA- L30/ D4/ M10/ S4- Y1- E3/ F3/ H1
Introductions : PT100, temperature range-50~200℃, precision class a, depth 30mm 4mm protection tube diameter, thread size is M10*1.
Lead 1M, wire

Platinum thermal resistance component as a temperature sensor and its principle of operation is under temperature platinum resistance wire resistance changes with temperature changes. The relationship between temperature and resistance is close to linear, minimal deviation and increase with time, and errors can be ignored, and stable electrical properties. Temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTD insertion depth, installation depth see (temperature sensor installation method).
Platinum thermal resistance component details
Our WZP series Platinum thermal resistance component of brining and WZPM United States Rosemount's production technology, advanced production technology on the contemporary world, good integration of testing and their many years of manufacturing experience, China ushered in a new generation of Platinum thermal resistance, and, so I plant with a large number of stable production capacity.
Platinum thermal resistance is a very precise, sensitive and stable performance of the temperature sensor. Platinum thermal resistance component are made of ceramic protection tube for micro-structure around, the temperature of the components can be quite small (minimum diameter ø 1.6mm) and, therefore, can be made of a variety of micro-sensor probe.
Platinum thermal resistance component coupled with metal protective tubes and installing fixtures (such as threaded, flanges, etc), would constitute fabricated Platinum thermal resistance.
WZPM Platinum thermal resistance is a surface temperature measurement device, surface temperature thermometer made of a variety of products. WZP series Platinum hot resistance by China standard ZBY301-58 (, international electrical Committee IEC751-1983 standard) for production, due to products has structure small, using range wide, reliability good, hot response time short, advantages, can formed more varieties, more specifications of products, for oil, chemical, power station, metallurgical, light, food, textile, medical health, defense industry, section, agricultural and mechanical industry provides new products.
Platinum thermal resistance component works under temperature platinum resistance wire resistance value varies with the principle. Can be used for measurement of temperature in the range-200~800℃. Its advantages are: stable electrical performance, near-linear relationship between temperature and resistance, high accuracy. Platinum resistance thermometer elements with display, recorder, controller, scanners, data recorder and computer support for accurate temperature measurement and control.
Main technical parameter:
1. measurement range and measurement range, tolerance class code index (c) tolerance tolerance level t (c) platinum resistance WZP ~800 class a ± (0.15+0.00 2| t|) Class b ± (0.30+0.00 5| t|) Note: | t| For the absolute value of temperature sensitive element measured temperature. II a-grade tolerance scope t 650 deg c temperature range, and is not suitable for two-wire system.
2. maximum allowable thermal effects of platinum resistance measuring current is 5mA, and the resulting temperature rise of no more than 0.3 c
3. heat resistance temperature element of resistance value at 0 ℃ (R0) and its resistance at 100 ℃ (R100) ratio (R100/R0) indexing, Pt100:A-level R0=100 ± 0.06 ± 0.12 ω ω b-R0=100 W100=R (100 c)/R (0) =1.3851
Types and specifications:
1. platinum resistance thermometer elements
2. end platinum resistance element models, measurement range (℃) 0.5 tolerance grade casing material thermal response time τ (s) WZPM-018 ~+500 b-ceramic (0.5 WZPM-~+150 b 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel (5 WZPM-~+150 b 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel (10
3. with a ceramic terminal block platinum resistance thermometer elements Note: replace detachable platinum resistance element.
4. slice-type platinum resistance elements
Thermal resistance type product model number measurement range (℃) specifications thermal response time τ 0.5 (s) total length l (mm) long I (mm) width b (mm) thickness (mm) of platinum resistance temperature element (slice-)WZP-002Pt1000~4202817320.5(15WZP-0038232100.5WZP-003A0~200552261(10 1. outside protected areas layers are 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel sheet. 2. current (5mA5. temperature sensing elements RTD type model number measurement range (℃) material specifications of sheathed protecting pipe thermal response time τ 0.5 (s) single Platinum thermistor sensing element WZP-010 ~+420 ф 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel sheet exterior protective layer to 12 300 350450 550 650 9001150 1400-1650-2150 (60 double platinum resistance temperature element WZP2-010 Single platinum resistance temperature element WZP-011 double platinum resistance temperature element WZP2-011 ф 8 300, 350, 450, 550 (30 copper heat resistance temperature element WZC-010A ~+100 copper pipe ф6 8 300, 350, 450, 550, 650, 900 11501400 1650-2150 (90 Platinum thermistor sensing element WZP-035S ~+150 ф 6 535 35 stainless steel casing (5 Platinum hot resistance sense temperature components WZC-001 ~+100 stainless steel casing ф 4 300 25 (30 Note: 1. WZP-035S used introduced components WAP-014S. precision grade: b level General type hot resistance (hot resistance components) fixed thread type hot resistance hot resistance category products model points degrees, measurement range (℃) protection tube material specifications hot response time τ 0.5 (s) total long l (mm) reset deep I (mm) copper hot resistance (double unit leads line) WZC-200 ~+100 stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti 500 550 600 700 900 100 150 200 300400 (240 single Platinum thermal resistance WZP-260 Pt100 0~+100 stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti 75 100 150, 170, 180, 200, 220, 270, 300 400 410 420 (30 double platinum thermal resistance WZP2-260 (45% of the surface of Platinum thermal resistance WZPM-267 ~+150 stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti 100 150 200 250 300 350 (30 single Platinum resistive stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti WZP-~+300 160 185 235 258 335 75100 150 200 250 (30 double platinum thermal resistance WZP2-269 (45 copper thermal resistance WZC-269 ~+100 Brass stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti H62 (copper thermal resistance WZC-267 ~+150 stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti 95 105 120 130 155 205 40 50 75 100 150 (45 copper thermal resistance WZP-280 ~+300 stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti 175 200 250 300 350 75 100 150 200 250 (30 Note: WZC-200 double led to cable wire.