IC720 Tuning Fork Level Switch

IC720 Tuning Fork Level Switch

Product description:

ic720 tuning fork level switch is a new type of level switch. tuning fork crystal excited by the vibration when the vibration frequency of the tuning fork is submerged liquid changes, the frequency change is detected by the electronic circuit and the output of a switch. Tuning Fork Liquid position switch is also known as 'electric float' where the use of float level switch and due to the structure, turbulence, agitation, bubbles, vibration and other causes can not use the occasion float level switch can be used 'electric float'. With the fork Level switch with no moving parts, therefore no maintenance and adjustment, float level switch upgrade products in this series by the national instrument explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station (NEPSI) accreditation, proof mark, respectively:. dIIBT4 and iaIIBT4 , Certificate of Conformity were: GYB98180 and GYB97316A ', applicable to the respective explosive dangerous places.

II. Applications

Tuning fork limit switch can be installed in any orientation in a liquid tank, the upper and lower limit for level alarm or control the liquid tank can also be installed on the pipe to prevent the pump run without feeding.
Tap water, mineral water
Pulp, glue, dye
Wastewater, mud
The acid, alkali solution can produce liquid gases
Diesel and other dangerous places

III. Product Features

1. The maintenance-free
Since the detection process tuning fork limit switch is completed by the electronic circuit, no moving parts, so once installed and put into operation using it does not require maintenance.
2. Adaptability
Measured liquid different electrical parameters, density measurements are not affected. Scaling, agitation, turbulence, bubbles, vibration, medium viscosity, high temperature, high pressure and harsh conditions have no effect on the test.
3. No adjustment
Due to the influence of the measured medium density electrical parameters and tuning fork limit switch is not detected, so no matter what kind of liquid measurement without calibration site.

IV. Tuning Fork Level Switch Main Specifications

1, the supply voltage
DC 24V or l2-55V (intrinsically safe with DC24v); AC 25V ~ 250V50Hz
2, the working temperature
Instrumentation: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Fork: Normal temperature type -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Medium temperature -20 ℃ ~ 120 ℃
3, the output mode
DC power supply 24 when the relay output (AC220V0.5A); l2 ~ 55V DC power supply is an open collector output; (350mA, intrinsically safe product ≤50mA); AC 25 ~ 250V power supply when two-wire output (220V, 4.4W ~ 77W).
4, power consumption
Dc power 0.25W (24V time); AC power 1.5W (220V time)
5, intrinsically safe level switch
Explosion-proof mark :iaⅡBT4; explosion Zhenghao :GYB97316A; related equipment :LB879.

V. Tuning Fork Level Switch Dimensions and installation

VI. Terminal diagrams and system wiring

There are three ways :

Field Wiring VII. Intrinsically safe products

VIII. Tuning Fork Level Switch model establishment and description