ZRN-FS wireless transmission torque sensor

ZRN-FS wireless transmission torque sensor

Product description:


Shaft torque measurement has always been a difficult problem, for which the company has developed a professional organization, this can be directly measured online access wireless torque sensor. ZRN-FS easy to use wireless torque sensor, the measured direct axis install sensors without removing, changing the measured field rotation axis mechanical structure, the use of wireless transmission to the gateway or routing node, using strain torque conversion formulas acquisition and control within the software to calculate the torque values ​​for long-term monitoring applications, you can also node conversion algorithm embedded within the direct transmission of torque value. The torque sensor greatly saves manpower and material testing due to repeated laid wired data acquisition devices and consumption, wireless digital signal transmission eliminates the long cable transmission and collector ring bring noise, the entire measuring system with high accuracy and anti-jamming capability. Sensors can form a wireless sensor network to support thousands of simultaneous measurement of measuring points are widely used in industrial rotating machinery torque, power measurement and online monitoring.

Compact structure, small size. Each channel built-in high-precision 120-1000Ω bridge resistance and amplification conditioning circuit can be easily switched automatically by the software selection quarter-bridge, half-bridge, full bridge measurement. Node supports 2-wire and 3-wire input mode, the bridge automatically trim. nodes air transmission rate can reach 250K BPS, effective real-time data transfer rate of 4K SPS, effective communication distance up to 300 meters indoors. node design has a dedicated power management hardware and software, in Real-Time continuous transmission case, node consumes only 30mA, using ordinary 9V battery, continuous measurement of several tens of hours. For long-term monitoring applications, at 5 minute intervals sends torque value, the number of years do not need to replace the battery, greatly improving the maintenance of the system.

The main feature of this product

1. Easy installation: direct installation without disassembly, modify the mechanical structure of the axis of rotation of the test site;

2. Ease of use: for a variety of sizes of the shaft, the measurement range from the size of the high and low speed limits;

3. Wireless digital transmission: reliable, low noise;

4. Zero toggle switch;

5. The full-scale adjustment: Allow the output signal range to a suitable value;

6. Effective Data 'LED: determine the effectiveness of the output signal;

7.8 channel: multiple systems simultaneously without disturbing each other;

8.7 stall gain: the strain / torque signal amplification to the most appropriate level.

Technical Specifications


• Sensor: 4-arm Wheatstone bridge strain gauge (standard is 350 Euro type);

• bridge excitation voltage: 5.0 VDC;

• sensors and power supply connection methods: screw terminal block;

• Power input: 7.5-12 VDC; when connected to a maximum current of 350 European bridge 60mA;

• transmitting frequency: 903-922 MHz;

• Battery life: 12 hours (9V lithium battery, 350 Europe bridge, 25 ℃ ambient temperature)

• Transmission Distance:) 20 feet;

• centrifugal acceleration (steady state): 3000g (rotational speed of 6500RPM, a diameter of 5 inches surface centrifugal acceleration axis);

• Operating temperature: 0-70 ℃;