ZRN-WS-A2 temperature and humidity sensor

ZRN-WS-A2 temperature and humidity sensor

Product description:

model ZRN-WS-A2 wall-mounted temperature and humidity sensors, outdoor temperature transmitter
Features and uses:

Transmitter using high-precision linear amplifier circuit, the choice of high-performance imported components, the product has a high sensitivity, good stability, high accuracy and long life.

Wall-mounted temperature sensor transmitter waterproof transmitter housing , Protection class IP65, can work in the open air or the humidity of the places (such as caves, cold storage, etc.), for the environment, such as low temperature -40 ℃, international companies can use military grade components, can still work stably , well make up for the lack of general temperature transmitter can not be used for low temperature environments.
Sensor DC voltage or current output can be directly connected with the secondary instrument widely used in industrial temperature measurement, HVAC, archives, workshops, warehouses, rooms, ventilation pipes, building automation, construction sites and other measurement occasions.

Product Structure:

Wall-mounted temperature sensor Selection example

for ZRN-WS-A2 : Range 0 ~ 200 ℃ two wire current output signal
The model: ZRN-WS-A21 S1 (0~200℃)
Note: For temperatures above 60 ℃, the probe should be chosen transmitter and sensor sub-structure, the distribution of the probe, reference may be wall-mounted temperature sensor

Technical Parameters:
Wall-mounted temperature and humidity sensors
Third, the wiring instructions
The factory default is the standard line color: Red: V + (positive power supply) Yellow: GND (Ground)
Blue: T (temperature output positive) Green: H (humidity output positive)
Wiring Diagram
Legend of A, B to display instruments, actuators or capture card, A road according to the temperature output, B-way correspondence humidity output.
IV Notices
1, because the relationship between the environment relative humidity and temperature more closely, therefore, the point is to measure the ambient humidity sensor and the environment to maintain the same temperature.
2, installed in the environment is relatively stable area, avoid direct sunlight, away from windows, air-conditioning and heating equipment, to avoid the straight on the window or the door.
3, install or remove the transmitter, it must first cut off the power, and then install or remove.
4, try to stay away from high-power jamming equipment, so as to avoid inaccurate measurements, such as the inverter, motor and so on.
5, please read this manual carefully before using to ensure the wiring is correct, any wiring errors are likely to cause irreversible damage to the transmitter.
6, to prevent chemical reagents, oil, dust and other directly against the sensor, not in condensation, long-term use under extreme temperature conditions. Do not thermal shock.