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ZRN501B static torque sensor

ZRN501B static torque sensor
  • ZRN501B static torque sensor
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ZRN501B torque sensor is based on the standard type of static torque sensor, one end of the flange connection, one end of a bayonet. The structure can guarantee the accuracy of the torque sensor, while improving the stability of the torque sensor. Is a reliable sensor . · Resistance strain principle, high precision, stable and reliable performance. At the same time there is another model which sensor ZRN501C form of static torque sensor is connected at one end flange, plus connect one end of the square shaft head .
Low -range torque measurement, easy to install .
· End is key ( through slots ) connected at one end to the flange connection .
· Suitable for static torque measurement .

Main Specifications
Measuring range
0~0.5125102050100 Nm
Output Sensitivity
1.0~2.0 mV / V
Straightness L
±0.1; ±0.3; ±0.5 % F.S
Hysteresis H
±0.1; ±0.3; ±0.5 % F.S
Repeatability R ±0.1; ±0.3; ±0.5 % F.S
Operating temperature
Temperature compensation range
Room temperature ~ + 60
Temperature Effect on Zero
±0.1 % F.S / 10 ℃
Excitation voltage
12~18 VDC
Insulation resistance
2000 MΩ / 100VDC
Input resistance
700±10/350±10 Ω
Output Resistance
700±5/350±5 Ω
Zero output
0~±1 % F.S
Safety overload rate
120 % F.S