ZRN-WS-A1 temperature and humidity sensor

ZRN-WS-A1 temperature and humidity sensor

Product description:

model: ZRN-WS-A 1 Cheap temperature and humidity transmitter
Features and uses:
ZRN-WS-A1 economy temperature and humidity sensors, transmitters, wall-mounted, apply to (0 to 50) temperature and humidity monitoring ℃ space environment. Humidity capacitance humidity sensor element patented solid polymer structure and the temperature some imported Pt100 platinum resistance temperature sensing element, the product has a fast response, good stability and long service life, etc. are widely used in books, archives, supermarkets, manufacturing plants, industrial automation, HVAC HVAC temperature and humidity air conditioning, pharmaceutical chemicals, communications room, environmental monitoring, clean room, intelligent buildings, telecom base stations, such as good environmental measurements.
• Low price
Low Drift
• consistency, and long service life.
• fast response, temperature coefficient.
• interchangeability, the sensor can be interchanged.
• Long-term over-saturated desiccant faster under.
• practical and convenient, cost-effective, do single temperature or humidity output alone.
Product Structure:

Cheap temperature and humidity sensors (temperature and humidity or temperature, humidity optional)
output signal
Two-wire (4 ~ 20) mA
temperature range
Humidity Accuracy

Technical Parameters:

Power supply
DC24V ± 10%
Temperature parameters
Temperature Sensor
Imported film platinum resistance Pt100
Temperature measurement range
(0~50) ℃
Comprehensive Accuracy
Better than ± 1 ℃ (0 ~ 50 ℃)
Humidity parameters
Humidity Sensor
Humidity capacitance
Operating temperature
The reaction time (ta)
Typical values ​​(15s
Long-term stability
Typical values ​​0.5% RH / Year
Effective range
10% RH ~ 95% RH
Signal output corresponds to the range
Measurement Accuracy
± 2% RH (10% RH ~ 90% RH, 20 ℃)
Measurement stability
Humidity measurement: a normal state, the drift is not greater than 1% RH
output signal
Current signal
(Two-wire) (4 ~ 20) mA. (0 ~ 20) mA. (0 ~ 10) mA
Transmitter power reference
Current signal
24V / 45mA
Load capacity
Current Mode 0 ~ 500Ω
working environment
Humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH non-condensing
Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃
Transmitter material
Milky white ABS plastic
90 * 65 * 20mm
Wall-mounted: Screw the wall
Defined output wiring
T: Temperature signal output H: humidity signal output V +: positive power supply or the two-wire power supply positive

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