ZRN605 wireless load cells

ZRN605 wireless load cells

Product description:

First, the measurement principle described
The need for measurement: displacement and load, the traditional measurement methods are load signal into the distribution cabinet mounted inside the measuring module via the signal line through the pumping tower; displacement pumping signal or cable disc precision sliding rheostat is measured by measuring or mounted on a tower of the angular displacement of the upper part of the module. these two parameters are measured are present the inconvenience of installation, construction complex, there is a serious safety hazard problem.

To solve this problem, the company after a large number of experimental data analysis and extensive field experiments to develop an integrated wireless displacement loading dynamometer. This product is only installed on the balance iron rod by measuring pumping acceleration lever, the data points obtained after the second principle of measuring the displacement amount of the displacement, acceleration sensors and load sensors mounted together, it is the integration of a load displacement apparatus, in addition, the signal transmitting means passing through the signal receiving 433MHz way wireless communication, receiving unit transmits two 4-20mA or RS232 interface for remote platform, enabling remote monitoring dynamometer for oilfield production safety and energy savings provided technical support received diagram data.

Second, performance indicators

1, Power Range: 12 ~ 35V

2, the output interface: 4-20mA, RS232

3, the maximum displacement: unlimited, accuracy: ± 1%

4, load measuring range: 0 ~ 150KN, accuracy: ± 1%

5, the maximum communication distance: 50 ~ 100m

6, communications band: ISM band 430 ~ 434MHz

7, the working temperature range: -40 ~ 85 ℃

8, the working life:) 5 years

9, working power: ER34615H 3.6V lithium battery voltage sulfuryl Paul

10, battery life: ER34615H 3.6V lithium battery-powered pressure sulfuryl Paul, a transmission case 1 hour dynamometer able to work continuously for more than 1 year.

11, Weight: 3.0kg

Third, the technical advantages

1, using an integrated design and cordless displacement load sensing technology, compact, light weight, very easy to install, can adapt to harsh outdoor environments;

2, the use of low-power technology, a lithium battery can work for 12 months or so, to achieve the use of 'zero maintenance' objectives;

3, the use of wireless communication technology, can be realized by wireless signal within a radius of 100 meters is passed, which has considerably reduced the difficulty of construction;

4, using high-precision, zero drift load, displacement sensors, to replace the current conventional wells dynamometer, but also the implementation of key uninterrupted monitoring wells;

5, the back-end collection plate using RS232 and 4 ~ 20mA signal output, can be easily attached to the original 'pumping wells remote monitoring system' in.

Fourth, the benefits

a) production safety

Conventional oilfield worker measuring the displacement amount of time you need to climb eight meters tall pumping spot welding 'horse head', and then the installation, construction difficulty is very large, a fall of workers often bring it to production safety big risk, thanks to the integration of the product measurement technology, a person can easy to install, does not require climbing and welding.

b) energy saving

Because this product uses high-precision A / D conversion and high-precision signal conditioning board, to suppress signal interference and clutter effect was particularly evident, so high accuracy. In addition the product has a diagram analysis capabilities that can analyze the underground pumped dynamometer according to the situation oil condition, which can guide the workers to adjust production to achieve the purpose of energy saving.