Data acquisition system for torque

Data acquisition system for torque

Product description:

I. Overview

Virtual torque meter USB data acquisition and software consists of two parts, with the ZRN500 series torque speed sensor, torque and speed signals are acquired, can show the torque, speed, and power values. Dynamic real-time torque, speed, real-time curve, displayed on the achievable lower limit alarm, data and historical curve playback function.

The software interface is friendly, convenient operation, sensor, upper and lower limit alarm value set value set via software.

II. hardware installation

In the case of computer power to do the following:

1. USB data acquisition Kit with sensor connection

This machine offers 25-pin d type socket welding wire, type d socket pin 1 connected with the sensor signal lines, 14 pins and sensor speed signal line connected to pin 4 connected to the ground wire of the sensor, and then insert the collection box of 25-pin d-type Sockets.

2. USB data acquisition boxes, computer connection

The provided dedicated USB cable and any USB type a socket connected to your computer.

3. native software that came with your dog into the computer's printer port.

III. software and driver installation

This software can be used on Windows 2000 and Windows XP environments, monitor display resolution should be set to


3.1 USB data acquisition driver software installation

USB data acquisition boxes drive in hardware installation is complete, only after the USB driver is correctly installed before use. Specific installation steps are as follows:

1. check that the hardware installation is correct.

2. start your computer, the operating system will automatically install new hardware, and a pop-up ' Add New Hardware Wizard dialog box, in the ' Add New Hardware Wizard ' dialog box will appear, click on the ' next ' button.

3. Select ' display a list of all driver at a specified position ... ' radio button, and click on the ' next ' button.

4. click on ' next '.

5. click on the ' install from a floppy disk ' button, a pop-up ' have disk ' dialog box.

6. click on the ' Browse ' button and select the directory 'Usb7kC.inf' (CD/usb7kcdrv/usb7kC), click on the ' OK ' button.

7. back to the ' Add New Hardware Wizard, click Next.

8. click on the ' Finish ' button, the driver software is installed.

3.2 install softdog driver software

Run CD installation software InstDrv.exe (InstDrv.exe under CD/dogdrv/),

Pop-up installation interface, click ' began installation ' button, into installation of next, in you by see of interface select ' installation and mouth lock drive program ' option and the ' not detection and mouth busy ' option, then click ' next ', appeared next interface, the interface has ' heavy Kai ' and ' exit ' two a button, select ' heavy Kai button will again started computer, select ' exit ' button will exit this wizard program.


When ' when the reset button is optional, description may need to restart your computer for the current installation of the new driver files work. And when the ' reset button is not selected (' reset button grayed out), then without restarting the computer.

3.3 virtual instrument software installed

Run the Setup Wizard file Setup.exe (CD/usbzj/Setup.exe), eject the installation interface, based on the tips to complete the installation.


If the computer at the time you receive the following error message: Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system. Click OK if you would like setup to update these files now. You will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again. Click Cancel to exit setup without updating system files. When you encounter this error message, click the OK button to install a compatible with Setup Oleaut32. Updated version of the DLL. When files are updated, then the system must be restarted. Only rebooting in order to continue the installation process for the application. After the machine restarts, rerun the Setup.exe program in the application.

IV. use

Run the file usbzj.exe with the following interface:

Demo versions are available for the software, if necessary, please contact 400-676-6002 to obtain.