ZRN-WLD Dewpoint Transmitter

ZRN-WLD Dewpoint Transmitter

Product description:

Definition of dew point: air temperature humidity reaches saturation, the image that is in the air when the dew becomes water vapor dew point temperature measurement is called.
Dew point sensors on the dew point sensor (dew point transmitter)
B-type wall-mounted: 120 * 80 * 42mm, the specifications shown below
C-type pipe, fixed thread: M22 * 1.5, specification see below
Product Description:

ZRN-WLD Series Dewpoint Transmitter divided ZRN-WLD-B Wall-mounted and ZRN-WLD- C screw fixed two types of products with the current advanced hardware circuit, with intelligent software design, the transmitter can be a wide range of dew point temperature measurement, is ideal for the current dew point measurement.

This product has the following significant advantages: good stability, high reliability, high accuracy, linearity consistency and repeatability, long life, wide measuring range, etc. The product uses advanced humidity sensor measuring dew point the way to solve the 'on-line measurement difficult, expensive, cumbersome operation, maintenance complexity, poor stability' issue cold mirror dew point instrument exist.
ZRN series transmitters have been widely recognized by customers the choice of DC voltage, current, or RS232 / RS485 digital signal output form can be directly connected with the Swiss energy meter series of secondary instruments / capture card computer serial port.

Dewpoint Transmitter Applications:
The current dew point tester has SF in industry, agriculture, research, meteorology, electricity 6 High-voltage electrical equipment, generators hydrogen refrigeration and other industries play an important role.
Technical Parameters:
Power supply
DC24V ± 10% or DC12V ± 10%
Signal output ①
Three-wire 4-20mA 0-5V 0-10V
Communication Interface
RS232 interface RS485 interface
Measuring range
Td: -60 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Temperature Environment
Applicable Relative Humidity
Accuracy (@ 20 ℃)
± 2 ℃ (Td: -20 ~ -10 ℃)
± 1 ℃ (Td: -10 ~ 0 ℃)
± 0.7 ℃ (Td: 0 ~ 10 ℃)
± 0.2 ℃ (Td: 10 ~ 19 ℃)
Under normal temperature and humidity status: three years is not more than 1 ℃ measurement drift
Load capacity
Current signal (500 Euro; voltage signal:) 1000 Europe
Installation form
Wall mounting; 120 * 80 * 42mm
Screwing installation
Threaded connection: M22 * 1.5mm
Effective insertion depth: 20 mm or 88mm (excluding threaded portion)
Probe diameter: 16 mm
Note ①: When the output signal is 4-20mA or 0-10V, the working power is DC24V ± 10%; when the output signal is 0-5V, the working power is DC12V ± 10%.
Digital Communications Description:
ZRN-WLD Dewpoint Transmitter Through standard RS232 or RS422 / 485 communication port can be directly connected to computer communications:
Communication protocol (standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol):
Using the standard MODBUS communication protocol when using the configuration software, are required to use the equipment for MODICON (Modicon) of the PLC, MODBUS-RTU address type data to an integer 16. Supports MODBUS protocol 03H, 04H, 06H instruction ( 03H, 06H read and write parameters, 04H read the measured value),
Parameter Register Address:
Factory default
Recognize the value of
Register address
Temperature measurements
Humidity measurements
Dew point temperature value
Native address
03H, 06H
Baud rate
03H, 06H
Temperature corrected translation
03H, 06H
Humidity correction translation
03H, 06H
Example 1: read the temperature measured value (measured value = 1000)
Send data: 01 04 00 00 00 01 31 CA
Among them, 01 are native address, 04 is communication instruction, 0000 is starting to register
Address 0001 represents read a number, 31 CA is a checksum.
Returns data: 01 04 02 03 E8 B9 8E (which corresponds to 03 E8 measured value)
Among them, 01 are native address, 04 is communication instruction, 02 returned values ​​of bytes of data that is measured, B9 83 to test the code.
Example 2: Read parameter value the machine address (local address = 1)
Send data: 01 03 00 00 00 01 84 0A
Among them, 01 are native address, 03 is communication instruction, 0000 is the starting address register, 0001 represents read a number, 84 0A is the checksum.
Returns data: 01030200017984
Among them, 01 are native address, 03 is communication instruction, 02 returned values ​​of bytes of data that is the address of the machine, the 7984 is a check code.
Example 3: Write parameter value of the machine address (local address = 1, write a value of 2)
Send data: 01 06 00 00 00 02 08 0B
Among them, 01 when the machine address, 06 is communication instruction.
0000 is a register address 0002 indicates the parameter value.
08 0B is the checksum.
Return data and send the data is consistent.
Dewpoint Transmitter Product Selection:
ZRN-WLD- B mouth dew point transmitter (wall-mounted)
ZRN-WLD- C mouth dew point transmitter (screwed type)
0-5V output voltage signal
Voltage 0-10V signal output
Current 4-20mA output
RS232 communication output
RS485 communication output
Customer settings
Power supply 1 = 12VDC 2 = 24VDC 6 = user specifies
ZRN-WLD- C probe length 2 = 20mm (default) 8 = 88mm
When the output signal is 4-20mA or 0-10V, working power DC24V ± 10%;
When the output signal is 0-5V, the working power is DC12V ± 10%.
When the output digital signal, DC12V ± 10% or DC24V ± 10% Available