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420J2 stainless iron bar / 420F easy car stick / hardened stainless steel rod / hardness of 50 to 55

420J2 stainless iron bar / 420F easy car stick / hardened stainless steel rod / hardness of 50 to 55
  • 420J2 stainless iron bar / 420F easy car stick / hardened stainless steel rod / hardness of 50 to 55
Product code: 16032600001
Unit price: 15-15000 CNY
Reference price: 2.18-2180.17 USD
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Specifications: Complete specifications, factory outlets (mm) Origin / Manufacturer: Baosteel Surface: Bright
Material: 420 Warehouse: Dongguan Shape: round
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( Stainless iron bars ) 420J2 stainless iron bar / 420F easy car stick / hardened stainless steel rod / hardness of 50 to 55
Stainless steel rod introduction
Stainless steel rods Rods Specifications: Ф0.5MM following sizes above 250mm hot-rolled and forged stainless steel rods.
Stainless steel hexagonal bar Specification: H2-H90
Stainless steel rod square bar Specifications:. 2x2 2.5x2.5 3x3 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 8x8 9x9 10x10 11x11 12x12 13x13 14x14 15x15 20x20 25x25 30x30 35x35 40x40 50x50 60x60 .... 150x150 etc.
Stainless steel rod material: 304304L, 321316316L, 310S, 6301Cr132Cr133Cr131Cr17Ni2, dual-phase steel, antibacterial steel and other materials!
Stainless steel rod shape: the general term for round, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal and octagonal steel, stainless steel rods.
Stainless steel rods for: prospects, are widely used in metal utensils, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, food, electricity, energy, construction and decoration, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries Sea equipment, chemicals, dyes, paper,!. oxalic acid, fertilizer and other production equipment; food industry, coastal facilities, ropes, CD rods, bolts, nuts.
Stainless steel rod GB: GB / T14975-2002, GB / T14976-2002, GB / T13296-91
American Standard: ASTM A484 / A484M, ASTM A213 / 213A, ASTM A269 / 269M
Stainless knowledge

(Stainless iron bar) 420J2 stainless iron bar / 420F easy car stick / hardened stainless steel rod / hardness of 50 to 55

Stainless steel is the world's most widely used, corrosion resistance of stainless steel with carbon content increases the optimal cost performance and lower, and therefore, most low carbon stainless steel volume, maximum of not more than 1.2% Some steel Wc (carbon content), and even less than 0.03% (as 00Cr12). Stainless steel is the main alloying elements Cr (chromium) has when the Cr content reaches a certain value, only the corrosion resistance of the steel. Therefore, stainless steel is generally Cr (chromium) content of at least 10.5%. Stainless steel also contains Ni, Ti, Mn, N, Nb, Mo, Si, Cu and other elements. Stainless steel is formed by the surface layer of very thin but sturdy and stable fine chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) to prevent the infiltration of oxygen atoms continue to oxidation, anti-rust capability is obtained. Once there is some reason, this film is subjected to continuous destruction, air or liquid oxygen atoms will continue was isolated , forming sparse iron oxide, metal surfaces also suffer constant corrosion.

Stainless steel maintenance
Stainless steel is also a need for regular cleaning on any surface free iron will rust and corrode stainless steel and must therefore be removed. IRES can generally be removed together with the dust and some very strong adhesive force, must be embedded in the iron handle. In addition to dust Many outer surface of iron sources, including the use of ordinary carbon steel wire brush cleaning and shot peening with previously used on carbon steel, low alloy steel or cast iron over sand, glass beads or other abrasive, or in stainless steel Nearby components and equipment for non-stainless steel products mentioned were grinding. lower feed or hanging over the process if we do not take measures to protect stainless steel wire rope, spreader and work surface iron easily embedded or stain the surface. order requirement and After making checks can prevent and discover the presence of free iron, ASTM standard A380 [3] provides for examination of iron or stainless steel surface rust particles of steel test method when iron requirements must not exist, it should use this test. If the the results are satisfactory, the application of clean water or nitric acid washing the surface until the deep blue completely disappeared. As standard A380 [3] noted that if the rust test solution can not be fully cleaned, the surface is not recommended in the process of the device, which uses Direct contact with the surface to produce human consumption using this test method. The test method is relatively simple exposure to water for 12 to 24 hours, to check for rust. This test is poor sensitivity, and time-consuming. These are testing, not Methods for cleaning up. If there is the presence of iron, must be cleaned with a later introduction of chemical and electrochemical methods.
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(Stainless iron bar) 420J2 stainless iron bar / 420F easy car stick / hardened stainless steel rod / hardness of 50 to 55

Dongguan Jia Xing Stainless Steel Materials is homegrown enterprises, price concessions, the company's main products are: Import / domestic, stainless steel bar, stainless steel bar, stainless steel bright bars, stainless steel square bar, stainless flat steel, stainless steel hexagonal bar, stainless steel black rod, 303 stainless steel rod, 316 stainless steel rods. Materials are SUS201304303316310310S, 321631420416410, etc. The company has the world's advanced stainless steel production equipment, mainly produces 303 stainless steel rod, 316 stainless steel hexagonal bar, stainless steel easy car bar, stainless steel bright bars, stainless steel ground rods, the company produced the required raw materials are imported from Japan's Nippon Steel, Posco, Taiwan Walsin and domestic Baosteel, TISCO and other major well-known steel service Miho: quality assurance to ensure time to ensure that the number of services. purposes: a strong, quality products, low prices, excellent service Xing Jia solemn promise: to ensure the best product, best quality, lowest price, best service to thank new and old customers trust . Operating principles: customer first, quality, variety, reasonable prices.
Jia Xing main production and sales of materials: SUS, 302304304L, 303316316L, 310S, 430420 stainless steel wire and other materials (including metal products, electrolytic polishing special stainless steel wire) and stainless steel bar, stainless steel screws wire, stainless steel materials, stainless steel band , seamless pipe, wire springs and other products. Also according to the needs of different users, to undertake a variety of special order shaped steel specifications.
The company has been dedicated to the South Korean Pohang, professional manufacturer Nippon Steel, Japan vine, Taiwan's new wing, Shanghai Baosteel, TISCO and other countries and regions of Shanxi extensive exchanges and cooperation in the establishment of good relations of cooperation, while fully learn advanced technology and experience, providing our customers with a variety of stainless steel products, and in-depth investment in core areas. The company invested 10 million newly completed steel processing center has been put into operation, the annual processing capacity of up to 12,000 tons, the company has complete steel processing equipment, steel can be cross-cutting, slitting, oil mill, drawing, film, grinding mirrors and other processing. At the same time, also can target customer needs, providing tailored integration services. All manufactured products have ROHS directive SGS reports and material evidence, API monogram by the United States, Japan JIS certificate, passed the ISO9001, IS09002 international quality system certification.
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Stainless steel material procurement preferred Xing Jia: excellence is our company's purpose, credibility first, quality first, the customer first is the company's business philosophy, warmly welcome all new and old customers near and far come to inquire - Sampling - Purchase - Jia Xing Stainless Steel regret your choice!

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