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Coated fine stainless steel wire rope/316/corrosion-resistant steel wire rope/wire rope authentic sus316 steel wire rope

Coated fine stainless steel wire rope/316/corrosion-resistant steel wire rope/wire rope authentic sus316 steel wire rope
  • Coated fine stainless steel wire rope/316/corrosion-resistant steel wire rope/wire rope authentic sus316 steel wire rope
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Specification: all complete Uses: wide range metal processing Material: sus316
Origin: Baosteel
Stainless steel wire rope

Coated fine stainless steel wire rope/ 316 steel wire rope Corrosion-resistant wire rope/authentic/sus316 steel wire rope

Wire rope describes

Features: a. high dimensional accuracy, up to 0.01mm; B. surface quality, good brightness; C. strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue strength; D. stable chemical ingredients, pure steel, low inclusion content most of the requirements of the long-term persistence of the original appearance of the building. In determining the selection of stainless steel type, is required to consider the aesthetic standards, where atmospheric corrosion, and to clean up the system. However, other applications more and more just looking for structural integrity or impermeable. For example, industrial building roofs and walls. In these applications, the owner of the construction costs may be more important than the aesthetic, surface is not very clean as well. Effect of 304 stainless steel in a dry indoor environment is quite good. However, in rural and urban areas to retain their appearance in the open air, it needs regular cleaning. In the heavily polluted industrial areas and coastal regions, surfaces are very dirty, even rust. But to get the aesthetic effect in outdoor environments, using nickel-containing stainless steel will be required. So, 304 stainless steel is widely used in curtain wall, side walls, roofs and other construction purposes, but at the erosion of serious industrial and marine atmosphere, the best use of 316 stainless steel . Stainless steel door now, have been fully aware of the advantages of the use of stainless steel in structural applications. There are several design criteria include the 304 and 316 stainless steel. Because the ' duplex ' stainless steel 2205 has good resistance to corrosion and high tensile strength and proof strength integration, therefore, this steel is also included in the European guidelines. Product shape actually, stainless steel standard which is the shape and size of manufacturing of metal, and there are a lot of special shapes. Most commonly used products are made of sheet and strip steel, plate is also used in the production of special products, for example, the structure of production of hot-rolled structural steel and extruded profiles. And there are round, oval, square, rectangle and hexagon-shaped welded or seamless steel tubes and other products, including the profile bars, wire rod and castings.

Wire rope types

Wire rope main material: 316316L 304 304L, 310S, 201202302 precipitation hardening stainless steel, has very good formability and weldability good, can be used as ultra high-strength materials in the nuclear industry, aviation and aerospace industries. Classified according to the composition of Cr (SUS400), Cr-Ni (SUS300), Cr-Mn-Ni (SUS200) and precipitation hardening lines (SUS600). after 304, 316-, the second most widely used steel, mainly for the food industry and surgical equipment, adding molybdenum to give it a special corrosion-resistant structure. As compared with 304 with better corrosion resistance to chloride thus also ' ship steel to use. SS316 is usually used for nuclear fuel recycling equipment. 18/10 grade stainless steel is usually in line with the level of application.

Characteristics of steel wire rope

1. the load on the wire rope passes over long distances.
2. load safety factor, safety and reliability.
3. the weight light weight, easy to carry and transport.
4. able to withstand the loads and the effect of variable loads.
5. has a high tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness.
6. working at high speed condition, wear-resistant, seismic, and running good stability.
7. good corrosion resistance can work in all kinds of harmful media environment.
8. soft performance, suitable for towing, pulling, tying, and many other uses

Product specifications

Xingjia stainless steels commonly used spot-our product specifications: http://dg316. cn.alibaba.com
1. stainless steel bar specifications: bright 0.5mm-280mm cold and hot rolled round bars (black garden. Mao Yuan)
Materials: SUS303304304l, 316316317310S, 302301202201430420410416440630,
2. stainless steel hexagonal bar specification: H2-H90
Materials: SUS202.301.303.304.304L. 310.316.316L. 310S. 420.430.440.416.631
3. stainless steel rod specifications:2x22.5x2.53x34x45x56x67x78x89x910x1011x1112x1213x1314x1415x1520x2025x2530x3035x3540x4050x5060x60. .... 150x150
4. stainless steel wire specifications: 0.03mm-16mm
Materials: SUS201.202.301.303.321.304.304L. 310.316.316L. 420.430.630. Wait
5. stainless steel sheet size: 1000x20001219x24381500x30001500x60002000x6000 (non-standard sizes can be set to open)
Thickness: 0.2mm~50mm surface: 2B.BA. 8K mirror. Drawing surface. Matte surface. Sand surface, stainless steel surface.
Materials: SUS201.202.301.303.304.321.304L. 316.316L. 321.410.420.430.440.631. Wait
6. stainless steel coil specifications: width 2mm-1550mm thickness of coil: 0.025mm-3.5mm
Materials: SUS201.202.301.303.304.321.304L. 316.316L. 321.410.420.430.440.631. Wait
7. stainless steel pipe specifications: diameter: 1.0mm~320mm, thickness: 0.1mm~25mm common specification with substantial cash, and other non-standard.
Materials: 201.202.301.302.303.304.304l. 316.316l. 310.310S. 321.317.630.631
8. stainless steel wire rope specifications: diameter: 0.5mm~35mm, 1x77x77x197x32, distinguished.
Materials: 201.202.301.304.316.321.631.310S. 304l. 316l

XING company profiles
Dongguan xingjia stainless steel materials is produced from the enterprise, price concessions, our main products are: import/domestic, stainless steel bar, stainless steel bar, stainless steel bright bars, stainless steel bar, stainless steel, stainless steel hexagonal bar, stainless steel black leather bar. 303 stainless steel rod 316 stainless steel rods. Materials are SUS201304303316310310S, 321631420416410 etc. Company has the world's most advanced stainless steel production equipment, produce 303 stainless steel rod, 316 stainless steel hexagonal bar, stainless steel bar, stainless steel bright bars, stainless steel ground rods, the company needed to produce the raw materials are imported from Japan Nippon Steel, Korea Pohang, Taiwan walsin lihwa and China Baosteel, TISCO, the leading steel mills. Three security services: to ensure quality, time, and quantity. Service tenet: solid strength, high quality products, low prices, excellent service. Xingjia solemn commitment: to ensure the best product, best quality, lowest price, best service to thank new and old customers ' trust. Operating principle: customer first, excellent quality, variety and reasonable price.
Xingjia the main production, sale of material: SUS, 302304304L, 303316316L, 310S, 430420 of a variety of materials, such as stainless steel wire (including special stainless steel wire for electrolytic polishing of metal products) and stainless steel bar, stainless steel screw wire, stainless steel, stainless steel, seamless steel tubes, spring lines and other products. Also according to the needs of different users, ordered to undertake a variety of special sections with special specifications.
Company has been obsessed with Korea Pohang, Japan Nippon Steel, Japan cane, Taiwan Xin Rong, Shanghai Baosteel, Shanxi taigang manufacturer a wide range of countries and regions, such as exchanges and cooperation in establishing good relations of cooperation at the same time, learning advanced technology and experience to provide our customers with a variety of stainless steel products, and make further investments in core areas. Companies invested 10 million new steel processing center has been put into operation with an annual processing capacity of up to 12000 tons, the company has complete steel processing equipment, steel can be cutting, slitting, oil mill, wire, foil, grinding mirrors, and processing. Meanwhile, can also respond to customer needs, provide customized integration services. All products have ROHS directive SGS reports and materials proved that United States API Monogram, Japan JIS certificate, passed the ISO9001, IS09002 international quality system certification.
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