Huawei / Huawei M2-803L 4G 64GB triple play eight-core 8-inch Tablet PC phone phone call

Huawei / Huawei M2-803L 4G 64GB triple play eight-core 8-inch Tablet PC phone phone call

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Huawei / Huawei M2-803L 4G ...
  • Number of cores: Eight core
  • Release Type: Chinese mainland
  • Brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Model: M2-803L
  • Screen Size: 8 inches
  • Network Type: 4G
  • Popular features: Telephone gravity sensor light sensor gyro compass function Bluetooth GPS
  • Hard drive capacity: 64GB
  • Operating System: Android 5.1
  • Resolution: 1920x1200
  • Touch screen type: capacitive screen
  • CPU frequency: 2.0GHz
  • Memory Capacity: 3GB
  • Storage type: Flash
  • Interface Type: SIM card audio output flash card reader
  • Availability: July 2015
  • Color Classification: After former Black Champagne Gold
  • Service: Genius
  • Package Type: Official Standard Package I Package II Package III Package IV Package five Official standard + ROOT Package A + ROOT
  • Pixels: 2,000,000
  • Rear camera pixels: 8,000,000
  • Network Access License Number: 17-5043-152230
  • Processor Architecture: ARM Cortex A53
  • Manufacturer: Huawei
  • Processor Model Information: Kirin 930

Huawei M2 · embrace reading adopted 64 Eight-core processor Kirin 930 chip, supports A53 architecture, clocked at up to 2.0GHz; And up to 3GB memory on ,GPU graphics core using the Mali-T624, the following are security Bunny ran sub and reviews!

Huawei M2 · embrace reading based Android 5.1.1Further development EMUI 3.1 interface It is also the first to support Android 5.1.1 tablet products, Flat icons with a quasi-physical style, very beautiful, lock screen, very simple, Shocking pictures with time and notification bar icon, constitute the lock screen, in addition to the lock screen image will automatically change each time, are very shocking beauties!

LTE supports Dual 4G Mobile Unicom With Call functions!

Because Harman Kardon added, so the audio and video performance is very good, so the machine built 'Teana K song' APP, truly listen when singing in KTV effects at home can enjoy the fun of K songs, as well as Sohu video and in-depth cooperation, tailored belong Huawei M2 · embrace read the user's client. Huawei M2 · embrace read user can Related Huawei HD zone within a year One thousand large, All videos Eliminate ads.

Huawei cell phone selling normalizing, Product line to be outdone. When it's just on the line in this article, Huawei M2 · embrace read the official release. Such literary names such application on popular products, really impressive. If you are young artists, perhaps this product will be suitable for you. Not long ago, we have not yet received this new listing, and today I will share my true feelings of use

First, the machine uses authentication Harman Kardon speakers, the sound field with SWS2.0 wide sound technology and dual Smart PA amplifier chip, they will be able to work together to bring outstanding sound experience; secondly, metal body and precise details grip design makes the product feel and appearance are outstanding; there is the aircraft used by 8-inch full HD screen with Clari-Vu display enhancement technology, can be dynamically adjusted according to the environment of the screen contrast, brightness and other parameters.

Huawei M2 · embrace legible black carton packaging, surface design is very simple, using only the front stamping handwriting stated model of the machine 'M2 · embrace read' open the lid, the machine still lying where it below three things stood accessories are manual, charger and Micro USB data cable charger specifications for 5V 2A, compared to ordinary 5V 1A charger, a larger charging current can accelerate the charging speed, charging time savings

Huawei M2 · embrace reading fuselage screen proportion much higher than ordinary flat, slender and narrow border of the screen so extraordinarily slender figure. There was not a key design in the fuselage, but the front camera and light sensor It is not small, are located in the upper right of the screen.

Body back with magnesium alloy metal, one might worry about the metal body mask signal, but this Huawei engineers also taken into account, so the lower back of a white grid design back shell will be divided into two smaller below metal back shell became part of the signal antenna, which not only did not reduce the ability to send and receive signals, and even promoted.

Around the edge of the box using the curvature of the chamfered design makes Huawei M2 · embrace reading feel better grip

'Stave Borders' sound literary, but in fact is on the border of the five horizontal design, perhaps even more notes plus point of the image for the fuselage frame, I saw the highlights of the design process is the back corner of the shell, Huawei M2 · embrace read back shell corners have more subtle curvature of processing, similar to the kind of 2.5D glass design, although it is difficult to find on the road curvature of the visual, but the hand feels will be more obvious. coupled with chamfered design border connections, so that the border of the body become rounded, fully enhance the grip handle, easy to touch the palm of the tiger's mouth corner position not feel Ge is very user-friendly design.

Huawei M2 · embrace read using an 8-inch 16:10 ratio IPS display, wide vision and colorful is that it features a resolution of the mainstream 1920 * 1200, can point display full HD movies, bring clear visual experience the machine for viewing experience attainments more than that.

Huawei M2 · embrace read using their own Kirin 930 eight-core processor, the chip is also used in its own flagship phone Huawei P8 above. It uses a quad-core A53 A53E + quad-core chip architecture, where architecture A53E A53 architecture is based on Huawei improvement comes with a higher frequency to bring more performance, compared to A57 + A53 program, the chip can guarantee to provide even better energy performance in almost the same performance under the premise of reducing surface heat and extend battery life while the quad-core Mali T624 graphics core provides it with strong graphics capabilities and good game compatibility. 3GB of memory to run large can ensure the safe operation of the system, because of insufficient memory to avoid the occurrence of flash back freezes.

In real terms the sense of hearing, Huawei M2 · embrace read about thanks to built-in speaker opposed design, bring excellent stereo effect, the volume of all the plates also are outstanding, if for listening with headphones, and turn SWS2 .0 sound, bass cohesion, transient and shallow depths have a very good play.

Huawei M2 · embrace reading camera interface similar to iOS system design is very simple, but many feature-rich than the latter, for example, joined the shooting skin, may be ten processing; time-lapse photography, HDR, panoramic camera, 18 continuous shooting, filters one less rich, intelligent knowledge thereof, full focus camera mode shooting and other characteristics of the show Huawei accomplishments on the photographic functions. there is a very user-friendly design is that when the camera is no longer In operation, the system will automatically turn off the camera function, then the user will only need to click the screen to activate the camera.

Eye mode in the setup menu to activate the last item For many young artists, it is essential to read books, but because most of the tablet's screen can not block harmful to the eyes blue, likely to cause visual fatigue. To solve this problem, it is equipped with eye pattern, as long as settings menu to activate this feature and open support this feature reading software, the system will automatically filter blue light to protect your eyes. after the author's experience, this feature turned on, the screen colors obviously warming (because blue bias cold), the brightness is also slightly reduced the number, the screen does not feel so glaring.

Overall, Huawei M2 · embrace all aspects of reading is a very balanced product, its compact design, solid workmanship, reliable and almost no short-board configuration, custom Android 5.1 system can achieve more than the original system useful features. Exterior and inner completely upgrade, may capture a lot of young artists and pollen heart, if this machine can continue to maintain the same price of the previous generation, it would be a very competitive product