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SYV75--3 pure copper monitoring cable with 0.5 copper power cable | oxygen-free copper video integrated one line 100 meters

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: An Runda
  • Model: 75-3 monitoring one line
  • Intelligence Type: Other
  • Warranty period: 1 year

75-3 pure copper power cord + 75-3 copper wire monitoring network

This product is made of copper power lines and monitoring lines. Transmission fast. Tensile. Antioxidant ability.

Thanks to the new and old customers have been on our support, this section is a comprehensive line of 75-3 video cable and 2 * 0.5 power line combined, used in various monitoring projects, with construction of convenient, low cost, transmission stability , Anti-interference ability, strong anti-aging characteristics, won the majority of engineers favorite. Since then you only need to pull a line can solve your monitoring problems! Save costs. Also want to buy it!

Black jacket in-kind shooting

White Color sheath In-kind shooting

Product Name: Pure copper integrated video cable
Specifications: SYV75-3 + RVV2 * 0.5mm
Length: 100 meters actual 90 meters
jacket: White Black
Monitoring wire: 64 copper mesh woven, aluminum foil with a tensile 0.5 oxygen-free copper
Power cord: copper RVV2 * 0.5 square with anti-pull rope
Uses: This section is dedicated monitoring cable is a video cable and two power lines consisting of monitoring integrated line, is to monitor the project and set up a small security system ideal cable, convenient and quick.