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Stainless steel rods | 303 easy car bar 0.98mm soft stainless steel rods | 0.8mm straight rods | factory outlets

Stainless steel rods | 303 easy car bar 0.98mm soft stainless steel rods | 0.8mm straight rods | factory outlets
  • Stainless steel rods | 303 easy car bar 0.98mm soft stainless steel rods | 0.8mm straight rods | factory outlets
Product code: 16021100001
Unit price: 20-21 CNY
Reference price: 2.91-3.06 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Specifications: Complete, 0.8mm-50mm (mm) Origin / Manufacturer: Baosteel Warehouse: Dongguan
Material: 303 Shape: round

303 stainless steel rod easy car stick 0.98mm 0.8mm soft stainless steel rod straight rod factory direct

Dongguan Jia Xing Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a processing and sales in one of the large stainless steel distribution companies located in geographic advantages, convenient transportation, Dongguan City company specializing in distribution of stainless steel bars (Bright bar;. Black rod; easy car rods; square bar; hexagonal rods), stainless steel wire (spring line; screw line; car axis; electrolysis line; fog lines; the hard-line), stainless steel sheet (2B board; drawing board; mirror panels), Stainless steel strip ( 2B; BA; 8K; extra-hard stainless steel band), stainless steel pipe (seamless pipe; welded pipe; precision tube; sanitary pipe), stainless steel wire, wire rope, steel, shaped stainless steel grades are:. SUS310S, 316L, 316F , 316302302HQ, 303303F, 304HC, 304L, 304301202430420410409437631 etc. and perennial reservations, sales of stainless steel special materials to meet customer demand, the company has opened sheet Kaiping performance 0.3-3.0X1500 wide, plate Kaiping functional open 3.0-12X2000 wide, and prepare There laminating sander, 8K mirror machines, plasma cutting machines and other equipment .www.jiaxinbxg.com
Stainless steel strip, coil:. 2B smooth, NO 1 industrial area, BA (6K) Mirror, 8K mirror, 9K mirror, brushed surface, matte surface specifications:. 0.025 ~~ 5.0mm thick 5.0 ~~ 1219mm width * coil (roll or sheet) Material Hardness: Vickers hardness (hv) 160-600 degrees hardness status: cold-ann (ddq), 1 / 4h, 1 / 2h, 3 / 4h, h, eh, sh.
Stainless steel bar, rod: (round), square rod (square steel), hexagonal rods (hexagonal), flat (rectangular steel), stainless steel black bars, stainless steel bright bars, stainless steel easy to drive stick bright side. . more expensive than black surface of large-diameter rods, mostly black bar which is 303 rods in a specific material, it is easy to drive (cut) type of material, mainly used for automatic lathe cutting Another:.. 304F . 303CU. 316F. 430F. 420F. 416F also are easy-cut materials.
Stainless steel sheet, plate: plate volumes; its surface shiny, matte, matte surface, commonly known as stainless steel, with 2B plates, BA plates in addition also according to customer requirements plated other light color specifications sheet are:... 1m * 1m 1m * 2m 1.22m * 2.44m 1.5m * 3m 1.5m * 6m, if the customer demand, we can reduce the dimensions of the customer. Another may be doing some drawing boards, skid plates, plate. Stainless steel wire, Wire: actin, screw line, spring line, all soft lines, bright lines, electrolytic line, car axis; wire and screw the main spring wire line two kinds; screw line is mainly used for screw, while the spring line used for spring . or other requirements with flexible hardware products such as the other bright lines, back line of hydrogen, electrolysis line, axle hairpin lines have spring wire tensile strength 1500-2000 hardness are the following: all soft | 1 / 4 hard | Semi-hard | 3/4 hard | full hard | extra-hard .http: // dg316 cn.alibaba.com.
Stainless steel pipe, pipe: Seamless; industrial pipe; decorative tube (pipe joints; welded pipe; pipe; light pipe; Longitudinal), Fluid tubes, hoses, polished tube; standard stainless steel pipe with 200 kinds of size has a small tube expensive, especially the capillary. capillary was the worst production from the 304, or burst pipe easily. also custom-designed non-standard specifications of the pipe. seamless pipe is mainly used for industrial, matte surface surface, not shiny. Seamed tube surface is bright side, there is a very thin tube welding line, commonly known as welded pipe, mainly used for decoration materials. Another industrial fluid management, its anti-stress, as the wall thickness of the decision. 310 and 310S the heat pipe. 1080 degrees below normal use, the maximum temperature of 11.5 degrees.
Stainless steel wire rope, wire rope: 304L steel wire rope, rope by Φ0.4-Φ30MM product performance standards:. GB 9944-1988 (GB), JIS G3535-1998 (Japanese standard), ASTM A492-2000 (American Standard) smooth rope. plastic rope (PVC / PE / PC or waterproof nylon wrapped decay), wire line fishing gear (plastic fishing wire), high-strength micro stainless steel wire rope, rubber conveyor belt with steel wire rope, steel cable, stainless steel rigging, etc. Production structure of single strand wire rope (that is, 1 * 71 * 121 * 191 * 37), multi-strand (ie, 3 * 33 * 76 * 77 * 76 * 197 * 197 * 37, etc.) and non-rotating wire rope (18 * 734 * 7) and the like.
Uphold the 'realistic development, quality service' purposes, Hing good company always adhere to the 'scientific management, brand marketing, efficient sustainable, win-win development' operating principles, and constantly improve the management level, the combination of a loyal staff, establish played a 'radiant country, the world' is a complete marketing network, not only with the number of large domestic steel production enterprises to establish a solid strategic partnership, and has long maintained good relations of cooperation with the internationally renowned steel manufacturers. Scientific management, quality efficient services, the operating principle of sincere cooperation so that enterprises continue to enhance credibility.
303 stainless steel rod easy car stick 0.98mm 0.8mm soft stainless steel rod straight rod factory direct