Chinese charge d'affaires exports of goods origin CO

Chinese charge d'affaires exports of goods origin CO

Product description:

Luo Yu Guangzhou Import and Export Corporation is the CCPIT / ICC member companies Established over the years; has been committed CCPIT certification; origin; embassy certification endorsement; consular certification industry; as the country's exports, the company offers CCPIT certification; agent certificate ; Commercial certification; embassy certification and other services;
We have a number of experienced professionals, for you to solve all kinds of clearance documents, certificate, consular certification and other difficult issues.

A professional agent certificate:
General Certificate of Origin CO, Pratt & Whitney cards FORM A
China - Chile certificate FORM F, CMB certificate
China - ASEAN certificate FORM E, Pacific certificate
China - Peru certificate FORM R, Costa Rica / New Zealand / Singapore......

Two; CCPIT CCPIT certification; Embassy endorsement:
Certificate / contract / invoice / packing list / price list / declaration / L / boat card
Saudi SASO / proof of compliance / Nigeria CCVO / authorization / license / dispatch letters etc.
China CCPIT certification / ICC certification / CCPIT certificate

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