Supply 12 to 20 three multilayer structures 'solar panels aluminum batten' / aluminum income side and other accessories (Figure)

Supply 12 to 20 three multilayer structures 'solar panels aluminum batten' / aluminum income side and other accessories (Figure)

Product description:

Material: Aluminum Number of floors: Single Origin: Foshan
Grade: A Level Specification: 6m / support Open: automatic
Brands: Conrad Color: silver

Shunde, Foshan City into a giant decorative materials, Ltd. was established in 2005, it is committed to PC sun panels, polycarbonate panels aluminum accessories development, production and sales, is the most professional solar panels pressed aluminum, aluminum income side, aluminum accessories supplier Currently my company production and management of solar panels up to more than 60 kinds of aluminum accessories, specifications models complete, fast delivery, quality and cheap, welcome customers to sample production and processing.

PC sheet special aluminum accessories (Aluminum bead / aluminum closing edges) is mainly used for fastening PC board installation, high-quality accessories can make more beautiful lighting sun roof cover, and can more effectively solve the leakage problem after the construction and installation, And we can provide you with professional PC sheet up to more than 60 kinds of accessories, convenient different keel skeleton construction and installation, can meet all your needs, and have their own professional R & D personnel constantly improve and update products, so you to have more choices.

Fixed installation aluminum bead is mainly used for the seams between the PC sheet, with self-drilling screws, butyl waterproof tape and EPDM seals leak can effectively play the effect of water, and beautiful, long service life, will not cause corrosion of the plate.

Material: 6063

Specifications: Width 25mm / 30mm / 32mm / 35mm / 36mm / 38mm / 43mm / 45mm / 48mm / 50mm / 55mm / 60mm * Length 6m / support

Currently 12 ~ 20mm multi-layer solar panels and 6mm ~ 8mm above the PC sheet and to vigorously promote the application, but for the construction of such panels installed lighting professional accessories on the market almost nothing, for such cases, I developed a Sunshine plate board dedicated professional multi-layering of aluminum and aluminum income side, is more suitable for large steel canopy engineering, as well as for three solar panels over 8mm PC sheet have good fixed effect, can effectively resist the pressure.

Three boards and multi-layer structure solar panels special aluminum alloy layering:

Three boards and multi-layer structure of aluminum alloy solar panels dedicated revenue side:

As a large canopy lighting engineering, PC sheet selection is important, installation and construction of the required accessories are more important. Many buyers spent a considerable price to buy a high-grade sheet back, but for the pressure of aluminum and aluminum tend to be less concerned about the income side, the results good plate made out of the project will still leaking, the pressure of the press is not tight and other issues.

Large projects generally must also use the following products:

EPDM waterproof seal strip: good weather resistance, no corrosion on the plate.

Lion force Ang Dingji waterproof tape:

PC sheet cleaning method:

Must be flushed with warm water below 60 ℃ 1. When cleaning;

2. Apply a mild detergent for cleaning, do not allow the use of PC sheet have erosion detergent;

3. Calls gently scrub with a soft cloth or sponge dipped neutral liquid ban coarse, dirty cloth, brushes, mops and other hard, sharp tools to clean.;

4. When the surface fat; wet paint; plastic tape imprinted etc. available sufficient dampened absolute alcohol; a soft cloth to wipe kerosene or gasoline;

5. You must use the water to wash down the dirt thoroughly washed;

6. Finally, with a clean, soft cloth or sponge to wipe the plate surface polished, not with obvious traces of water;