Supply 38mm aluminum batten (4 ~ 6mm sun panels dedicated mounting hardware)

Supply 38mm aluminum batten (4 ~ 6mm sun panels dedicated mounting hardware)

Product description:

Category: Aluminum Material: Aluminum 6063 Origin: Foshan
Specification: 6m / support

Shunde, Foshan City into a giant specializing in the production of decorative materials wholesale solar panels aluminum batten / aluminum closing edge lighting system and solar panels professional construction and installation accessories (SLIONTEC 5931/5932 butyl waterproof tape, EPDM seal waterproof tape / PC board greenhouse accessories, etc.).

Sun panels aluminum accessories:

PC sheet special aluminum accessories (Aluminum bead / aluminum closing edges) is mainly used for fastening PC board installation, high-quality accessories can make more beautiful lighting sun roof cover, and can more effectively solve the leakage problem after the construction and installation, And we can provide you with professional PC sheet up to more than 60 kinds of accessories, we can meet all your needs, and have their own professional R & D personnel constantly improve and update products, so you can have more choices.

Aluminum layering Mainly used for fixed installation joints between the PC sheet, with self-drilling screws, butyl waterproof tape and EPDM strips can effectively play water leak effect, and appearance, long life, will not cause corrosion of the plate.

Material: 6063

Specifications: Width 25mm / 30mm / 32mm / 35mm / 36mm / 38mm / 43mm / 45mm / 48mm / 50mm / 55mm / 60mm * Length 6m / support