Specializes in the production of aluminum alloy layering install solar panels, the income side

Specializes in the production of aluminum alloy layering install solar panels, the income side

Product description:

Material: Aluminum Number of floors: Other Origin: Foshan
Grade: A Level Specification: 6m / support Open: Manual
Brands: Conrad Color: silver

Foshan giant become a professional install solar panels layering aluminum, aluminum income side, butyl waterproof tape, EPDM seals production suppliers. Repeatedly provide high-quality PC sheet installation accessories for the domestic large-scale municipal solar panels, polycarbonate panels and other light canopy engineering Welcome to our customers calls come consultation to discuss business, we will do our best to provide you with the right products!

PC sunshine board / polycarbonate panels dedicated aluminum accessories (Aluminum batten / aluminum income side) is mainly used to install fastening PC board, high-quality accessories can make more beautiful lighting sun roof cover, and can more effectively solve construction installation The leakage problem, and we can provide you with professional PC sheet up to more than 60 kinds of accessories, we can meet all your needs, and have their own professional R & D personnel constantly improve and update products, so you can have more s Choice.

Aluminum layering Mainly used for fixed installation joints between the PC sheet, with self-drilling screws, butyl waterproof tape and EPDM strips can effectively play water leak effect, and appearance, long life, will not cause corrosion of the plate.

Material: 6063

Specifications: Width 25mm / 30mm / 32mm / 35mm / 36mm / 38mm / 43mm / 45mm / 48mm / 50mm / 55mm / 60mm * Length 6m / support

We produce aluminum 6063 alloy aluminum rod layering used:

We advise clients in the choice of solar panels of aluminum alloy layering of time; try not to choose the thickness of layering; thin-walled pressure of the construction and installation works will appear in the cases shown below:

Because the thin wall, hit the screw in the middle of the installation time, prone to sag in the middle, but the pressure of the two sides to tilt, complete loss of the role of fixed solar panels.

Use screws should note the following:

1. The need to use when layering or washers securing a uniform distribution of stress on the plate; in order to avoid stress concentration; be careful when tightening;. So as to avoid stress concentration caused by rupture plate design embedded depth and expansion gap to be considered due to bending twist and sheet contraction.

2. Select the screw hole spacing depending on the thickness
When the thickness is less than 3mm: spacing of less than or equal to 200mm
When the thickness is greater than 3mm: spacing of less than or equal to 300mm

3. firmly and evenly when tightening the screws, in order to avoid stress concentration.

4. Stress can be uniformly dispersed pads or strips.

5. screw holes center distance sheet edge should be greater than 2 times the diameter of the screw hole.

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