Supply of sun panels greenhouse, shed light lighting installation fittings - the vertical layering aluminum buckle

Supply of sun panels greenhouse, shed light lighting installation fittings - the vertical layering aluminum buckle

Product description:

Material: Aluminum Number of floors: Single Origin: Foshan
Grade: A Level Specification: 6m / sets Open: Manual
Brands: Conrad Color: silver

Sunshine plate special aluminum accessories (Aluminum bead / aluminum closing edges) is mainly used for fastening PC board installation, high-quality accessories to make beautiful and durable lighting cover sun roof, and can more effectively solve the leakage problem after the construction and installation, And we can provide you with professional PC sheet up to more than 60 kinds of accessories, we can meet all your needs, and have their own professional R & D personnel constantly improve and update products, so you can have more choices.

Aluminum layering Mainly used for fixed installation joints between the PC sheet, with self-drilling screws, butyl waterproof tape and EPDM strips can effectively play the effect of water leak, and aesthetically pleasing, durable, will not cause corrosion of the plate.

Material: 6063

Cover width: 63mm Width at clasp: 55mm

Suitable for construction and installation of solar panels 4mm-10mmPC / polycarbonate panels.

Buckle up and down aluminum kit:

When installing the first base (under deduction) screwed to the top frame, and then the sun panels placed in the appropriate position (solar panels to reserve a certain expansion space), according to the thickness of the cover plate into the appropriate slot, and finally along the even marked on both sides of neutral weathering plastic cover to prevent leakage.

Other on sun panels, polycarbonate panels installation and construction process should note:

1. The construction and installation should allow sufficient space for expansion and contraction calculated by the following formula:

Thermal expansion and contraction value = linear expansion coefficient * Length * maximum temperature difference before and after the installation

(Coefficient of linear expansion is 0.065mm / m ℃)

2. The selection of sealing materials, are required to use a neutral. For careful consideration, advises clients to do compatibility tests before using. Not

Proper sealing material will lead to PC sunshine board Nai Liban destruction.

3. Try to mark Stake streaked plate protective film, such as to be directly marked on the plate, it is recommended to use crayons, avoid

Use sharp tools.

4. When new buildings cement surface is dry. PC sunshine board Nai Liban is not directly touching on it, even if it did cement surface

After the mat should also be separated from other sheets and cement surface, preventing the sheet being in contact with the surface of cement and cement surface of PC board

The alkaline substances such as corrosion

5. PC polycarbonate panels can be cold-formed shape, its minimum bend radius must meet the following conditions:

Outdoor Use: bending radius of not less than 180 times the sheet thickness.

Indoor Use: bending radius of not less than 150 times the sheet thickness.

6. The sheet cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a neutral soap or detergent scrub PC sheet surface dust; dirt; then cleared

Rinse thoroughly with water, and finally with a soft cloth.

7. If grease board; wet paint; rubber tracks and the like; recommend using a soft cloth moistened with absolute alcohol scrub.

8. PC polycarbonate panels embedded framework should be preceded by the embedded portion of the protective film off.

On the relevant aspects of sun panels, polycarbonate panels and other construction and installation accessories, technical advice and product information, please contact us, we will have experienced engineering and technical personnel to provide you with free consulting services.