Professional production and supply of solar panels installed accessories aluminum layering

Professional production and supply of solar panels installed accessories aluminum layering

Product description:

Category: Aluminum Material: Aluminum Origin: Foshan
Specification: 6m / support

Shunde, Foshan City into a giant specializing in the production of decorative materials wholesale solar panels aluminum batten / aluminum closing edge lighting system and solar panels professional construction and installation accessories (SLIONTEC 5931/5932 butyl waterproof tape, EPDM seal waterproof tape / PC board greenhouse accessories, etc.).

PC sheet special aluminum accessories (Aluminum bead / aluminum closing edges) is mainly used for fastening PC board installation, high-quality accessories can make more beautiful lighting sun roof cover, and can more effectively solve the leakage problem after the construction and installation, And we can provide you with professional PC sheet up to more than 60 kinds of accessories, we can meet all your needs, and have their own professional R & D personnel constantly improve and update products, so you can have more choices.

Aluminum layering Mainly used for fixed installation joints between the PC sheet, with self-drilling screws, butyl waterproof tape and EPDM strips can effectively play water leak effect, and appearance, long life, will not cause corrosion of the plate.

Material: 6063

Specifications: Width 25mm / 30mm / 32mm / 35mm / 36mm / 38mm / 43mm / 45mm / 48mm / 50mm / 55mm / 60mm * Length 6m / support

Sun panels Installation Notes

Plate Installation recommendations:

  1. Must ensure that the skeleton smooth and clean before installation;

  2. First check the size of the plate and cut the amount of expansion reserve eligibility; pay special attention to leave enough uniform expansion gap; calculated as follows:
    Total expansion gap = expansion coefficient * maximum temperature difference before and after the local installation * sheet length
    Expansion coefficient is 0.065mm / m ℃

  3. Thermal expansion coefficient of the plate and the support frame different and need to stay in margin to withstand wind pressure, snow load, etc., so embedded in the amount to be set aside adequate, and thermal expansion and contraction of space. Usually the sheet edge extends into the fixed frame 25mm above fixed area, and at least two of ribs installed; Rezhanglengsu general gap of 3mm per meter ;

  4. Identify UV plate surface side; and to the side out installation; never allow the inward side of the UV installation;

  5. When installing the sheet; protective film on the cover sheet of the joint compound will affect the binding and plate; so before installing the protective membrane around the lift plate 5 ~ 10cm; do not let the profile clamp protective film; but it can not lift too much; so as to avoid damage due to operational and board;
    Note: Some workers when operating in the protective film sandwiched in profile; then draw lifted with a sharp tool and then printed; but often scratch the plate surface and cause damage to the plate;

  6. The case of cold-formed hollow plate installed, the bending radius of not less than 175 times the sheet thickness;

  7. Hollow sheet only along the direction of the curved ribs;

  8. Hollow plate tilt should be installed along the direction of the ribs, it is conducive to the export of condensate;

  9. As shall be fixed directly self drilling screw on the board; shall reaming; all drilling diameter should be larger than the bolt diameter; leaving expansion and contraction gap; therefore when the material plate openings; aperture should be 50% larger than the screw diameter ; the curved section to avoid the lock screw; avoid cracking plate;

  10. Self-tapping force should be uniform when screwed ensure genuine compaction profile sealing strip and plate;

  11. All pores should be filled in neutral sealant; and neutral sealant adhesive coating the exposed parts to prevent the infiltration of detergent edge; prevent onset of crack extension; installation defects when found, may occur at the site of the leakage can be sealant remains soft after selection remedy sealant to choose curing, low modulus, elongation greater than 50% neutral weathering silicone gel; before sizing must make aluminum and sheet metal surface cleaning and drying; do to no oil; dust; moisture; dew and other debris; sizing should be uniform; smooth surface layer; uniform cross-sectional dimensions and not have discontinuities; special attention should be neutral sealant used must be made in advance with the plate compatibility test; in order to avoid chemical reaction with the plate;

  12. Center hole to the plate edge spacing should be greater than or equal 5cm ;

  13. Plate installation whole process is strictly prohibited foot pedal surface, shall be used across the plate Moveable pedal operation;

  14. PC board cut length must be greater than the width before bending;

  15. Sheet immediately after installation requirements torn off the protective film; as a result of the special requirements of the protection board construction; also must first torn off protective film; and then re-cover;

  16. After the plate should be installed on self-test; especially to seriously do spray test; check for leaks; if leakage hazard should be eliminated; then check the appearance of quality;

Polycarbonate panels installation

There are two installation methods: the Mosaic Law and screw fixation

Mosaic Law

  1. Because of low stiffness, so loaded frame under external PC sheet will flex, embedded in the frame to increase the size of the deflection can be avoided.. PC solid sheet may come off from the frame under the impact of the case, in which choose to increase the depth of the case of embedded and replace it with a thick plate, or a method of fixing screws.

  2. Because the large thermal expansion coefficient, thermal expansion framework to reserve space. If there is not enough space for thermal expansion, increase the plate thickness to reduce the embedded portion.

  3. According to load the appropriate choice of plate thickness

Screw fixation

  1. Need to use shims or washers tightened evenly distributed stress on the plate; in order to avoid stress concentration; be careful when tightening; so as to avoid should

Stress concentration caused by rupture plate design embedded in depth and to consider the expansion gap caused by twisting and bending sheet contraction.

  1. Thickness selected according to the screw hole spacing
    When the thickness is less than 3mm: spacing of less than 200mm
    When the thickness is greater than 3mm: spacing of less than 300mm

  2. Firmly and evenly when tightening the screws, in order to avoid stress concentration.

  3. Stress can be uniformly dispersed using pads.

  4. Screw holes center distance sheet edge should be greater than 2 times the diameter of the screw hole.


  1. Thermal expansion and contraction space set aside, by the following formula: Value = linear expansion coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction * length * The maximum temperature difference before and after installation (linear expansion coefficient is 0.065mm / m ℃)

  2. Caution sealing material, improper sealing material can cause PC sheet damage.

  3. To use the sealant, must choose neutral. For careful consideration, advises clients to do compatibility tests before use.

  4. Try to mark crossed the plate when staking protective film, such as to be directly marked on the plate, it is recommended to use crayons, avoid the use of sharp tools.

  5. When new buildings cement surface is dry. PC polycarbonate panels can not be in direct contact with it.

  6. PC sheet can be cold-formed shape, it must meet the following minimum bend radius conditions:

Outdoor Use: bending radius of not less than 180 times the sheet thickness.

Indoor Use: bending radius of not less than 150 times the sheet thickness.

  1. Use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a neutral soap or detergent scrub PC sheet surface dust, dirt, and then rinse thoroughly with water, and finally with a soft cloth.

  2. If grease board; wet paint; rubber tracks and the like; recommendations with a soft cloth moistened with absolute alcohol scrub.

  3. PC polycarbonate panels embedded framework should be preceded by the embedded portion of the protective film off.