Supply of agricultural greenhouses dedicated PC polycarbonate anti-droplet sunshine board

Supply of agricultural greenhouses dedicated PC polycarbonate anti-droplet sunshine board

Product description:

Material: PC Polycarbonate

PC sunshine board (also known as Kabu Long) and polycarbonate panels (also known as solid board) is a comprehensive performance excellent engineering plastic sheet with excellent physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, the polycarbonate has so 'transparent plastic king 'reputation, it has a good impact resistance, heat insulation, noise, lighting, UV, flame retardant and other advantages. PC sheet is widely used in public, civil canopy lighting and block the channel roof, elevated road noise walls mall roof, greenhouse plants, industrial machinery gear cover, advertising light boxes, is currently the world's best one-shelf materials, modern architectural decoration sector is widely respected and praised the latest generation of products.

4mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm double hollow sun board (also known as Kabu Long)

6mm ~ 20mm hollow multilayer structure shaped solar panels (Tic-Tac-structure; m word structure; honeycomb structure, etc.)

Material: Bayer Markolon polycarbonate / USA GE Lexan polycarbonate

Specification: Width 2.1m * length 6m (special sizes can be customized large)

Technology: PC + UV triple extrusion extrusion molding

Feature: UV transmittance; weather is good; anti-mist; lightweight also installed; can be cold and easy styling

Conventional colors: Transparent / sky blue / grass green / white / brown / large sapphire color can be made in any color according to the needs of customers.

Mainly used: sun lighting channel / plant lighting / lighting canopy / awning / noise barriers / greenhouses, etc.

Anti-droplet sunshine board:

Performance: plate bottom surface covered with a layer of anti-condensation treated anti-droplet layer; a natural diffusion of water; the sheet material and the surface tension of the condensate is greater than the surface tension of the air / water; so that moisture in the air condenses into evenly on the plate Little drops of water distribution on the plate; the incline (the direction of the plate of ribs) slipped to the edge, rather than directly to achieve the anti-drip droplet effect, to prevent damage to greenhouse plants, while improving the transmittance of the greenhouse.

Mainly applicable to agricultural greenhouse, eco-restaurant, swimming venues.

Anti-droplet technology:

Droplet condensation can reduce the transmission rate of the sheet, reduce production, increase the probability of occurrence of pests and diseases, destruction of the ecological environment in the greenhouse.

In a greenhouse at a certain humidity and indoor and outdoor temperature must produce droplet condensation, but anti-droplet sheet can help you solve the problem droplet caused harm, patented anti-droplet technology can increase the surface tension between the condensate and the plate to control droplet dripping.

Since the advent of anti-droplet board, its excellent quality, stable performance, serving the majority of agricultural users, universal praise.

Anti-droplet plate applications:

1. Planting Greenhouse

Plants to meet the requirements of the ecological environment, to meet customer performance pursuit

2. The animal husbandry and fisheries breeding

Facilities farming - farming combined with solar panels - the new direction of agricultural development

3. Ecological Restaurant

Year-round spring dining environment, is inseparable from the use of anti-droplet sunshine board

The large-scale exhibition greenhouses

Arbitrary shape; easy installation; showing the effect of outstanding

5. Flower Market

Anti-droplet sun panels for the flower market to create a bright, warm shopping environment

6. Family Hanabusa

Refined; compact; appearance; and practical

At the same time my company to provide supporting sun panels greenhouse Installation Accessories:

Butyl waterproof tape

Sun panels fixed installation aluminum layering: 55mm aluminum batten; buckle up and down aluminum batten; buckle-type income side

EPDM (EPDM) seals

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