Supply 12mm ~ 18mmX multilayer structure U-shaped lock plate

Supply 12mm ~ 18mmX multilayer structure U-shaped lock plate

Product description:

Material: PC Polycarbonate Layers: the multilayer structure Origin: Guangdong
Grade: Excellence in goods Specification: 1.04m * 6m Open: Manual
Brand: Jinyi Color: Clear

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U-shaped locking plate system is designed for the construction of a variety of different shapes and the development of transparent canopy lighting system that combines the most advanced features and structural design, develop the introduction of production technology and production equipment having the world's leading level, with 100% Imported premium PC polycarbonate material production. Foshan into a giant U-shaped locking plate system unique U-shaped connection structure and free-floating structure to meet the architects more freedom, more imaginative design requirements, so that it can get rid of the limitations of materials, design a more modern, more beautiful, more environmentally friendly lighting solution.

U-lock sun panels excellent performance characteristics:

100% leak-proof:
Unique PC polycarbonate U-shaped connecting structure, the system can withstand greater forces, such as wind load, snow load, etc., and can be 100% impermeable leakage.
Lower construction costs:
PC polycarbonate U-shaped connection structure to alleviate the load of the building, it can increase the span of reducing the strength of the dragon skeleton supporting skeleton, or even self-supporting structure can be used to save bracket.
Installation easier and faster:
U-shaped locking plate system consists of two parts. Installation is quick and easy.
More beautiful:
Using Foshan into a giant U-shaped lock plate system, the entire roof system all transparent polycarbonate material, the entire lighting body does not use screws, aluminum layering and sealants, very nice.
The traditional layering plates using screws to secure the support pipe, in the case of thermal expansion and contraction, due to differences in expansion coefficient between the fixed plate screws likely to cause cracking, destruction of the entire roof lighting system, Foshan into a giant U-shaped locking plate system used in all building materials manufacturing poly ester, with the same thermal expansion and contraction, and a unique free-floating design makes the whole sky without distortion cracking.
More energy efficient:
Sheet compared with the sheet multilayer structure of the same thickness, the lower thermal conductivity, temperature control can save 20-30% of the cost.

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