Noise barriers, acoustic sound barrier dedicated solar panels

Noise barriers, acoustic sound barrier dedicated solar panels

Product description:

Core material: PC Polycarbonate Shape: Flake Material: PC Polycarbonate
Origin: Guangdong Grade: A + Grade Brand: Jinyi

Sound barrier
Used to block direct sound between the sound source and the receiver; between the sound source and the receiver to insert a facility; sound waves propagate a significant additional attenuation; thus weakening the influence of the noise receivers located within a certain area; this The facility is called the sound barrier (sometimes referred to as the sound barrier), mainly used for outdoor noise barriers. With the road traffic noise pollution is worsening in some countries extensive use of various forms of barriers to reduce traffic noise.
Sound Insulation Sound Barrier
Doubling the frequency of the sound, noise reduction barriers increased by 3 dB. Height doubled barrier, the noise increased by 6 db. If the receiving point from the far field closer to the sound source to the barrier of distance equal to the localities, When the frequency of the noise volume increased by 3 dB. If the height of the sound source and the receiving point distance and barriers are fixed barrier in the middle between the sound source and the receiving point, the smallest amount of noise, so the establishment of barrier The best location is close to the sound source or close to the reception point.
Sound barrier selection principles
Sound barrier material selection, the general principle is the good performance noise reduction, structural safety and reliability, materials, affordable, low installation cost, durable, long life, landscape coordination, nice and so on.
Polycarbonate sun panels (also known as PC hollow grid plate), because it is opaque, landscape Sound Barrier feeling better, easier integration into the surrounding environment. Colors.

PC sun panels excellent performance:

Translucent: Excellent light transmission performance. Depending on the thickness of the different color light transmission rate of up to 18% to 82%.

Impact resistance: PC Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer optimal impact performance engineering plastics, manufactured by its solar panels have made outstanding impact resistance, can withstand hail, mechanical and other external damage, while, when the sun When the plate is subjected to external shocks, no debris, only occurs plastic deformation or compressive deformation, not crack. tests proved, 10kg of the ball from the 2 m height whereabouts sheet surface is not broken, but dent damage.

Weather resistance: PC sunshine board has excellent mechanical properties, and in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ to maintain the properties even after prolonged exposure to the temperature range, PC sheet can maintain its load capacity and stability of short-term bearing temperature as -100 ℃ ~ 135 ℃.

Durability: Sunlight reaches the Earth's surface wavelength range is 295 ~ 2140nm, followed by the outside, near ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, mid-infrared. Conrad PC sun board with three co-extruded UV-PC method of producing a uniform surface covered with high the concentration of anti-UV coating, can guarantee sheet does not appear to use the Decade aging, yellowing index during the first ten years in contrast to the original data is less than 10, in contrast to the original data transmission rate of less than 6%.

Flame resistance: PC sunshine board auto-ignition temperature of 630 ℃, according to GB8624-1997 standard, Conrad sun panels fire rating for flame retardant B1 level, from the fire self-extinguishing, and the combustion process does not produce smoke and toxic gases.

Quality easy to install: PC sheet weight is much lower than the same thickness of glass (glass weight only 1/12 to 1/15), can be cold, not damaged, it is possible to use less mounting profiles, making the PC sheet installation compared with other materials save more time, labor and profiles.

Energy-saving insulation: PC hollow sheet hollow structure provides excellent insulation properties, and the sheet thickness and number of layers thicker the better, the more insulation, can effectively save energy.

Thermal conductivity K value: refers to the temperature difference between both sides of the PC material per square 1 ℃, the unit time through said heat transfer area (Unit: W / m ℃) .PC thermal conductivity sheet with the general synthetic resin greatly differences in glass 1/4 1/300, 1/1000 of aluminum, copper, iron 1/12000, good insulation properties of the material belongs, so that heat loss is greatly reduced, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, are environmentally friendly material.

Noise performance: Into a giant hollow sun board has a good noise performance, it is widely used in highway noise barriers and sound barrier.