Supply roof lighting sheet - into a giant solar panels | focused on PC sun panel lighting system utilities

Supply roof lighting sheet - into a giant solar panels | focused on PC sun panel lighting system utilities

Product description:

Material: PC Polycarbonate Number of floors: double / triple / four / honeycomb structure Origin: Guangdong
Grade: A Level Specifications: 2.1m * 6m, special specifications can be customized Open: Manual
Brands: Conrad Color: Transparent / sky blue / grass green / brown / white / sapphire blue

Foshan Conrad focused on PC sun panel lighting system utilities

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PC sunshine board (also known as Kabu Long) and polycarbonate panels (also known as solid board) is a comprehensive performance excellent engineering plastic sheet with excellent physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, the polycarbonate has so 'transparent plastic king 'reputation, it has a good impact resistance, heat insulation, noise, lighting, UV, flame retardant and other advantages. PC sheet is widely used in public, civil canopy lighting and block the channel roof, elevated road noise walls mall roof, greenhouse plants, industrial machinery gear cover, advertising light boxes, is currently the world's best one-shelf materials, modern architectural decoration sector is widely respected and praised the latest generation of products.

Polycarbonate hollow conventional PC sunshine board specifications: (Also known as Kabu Long)

4mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm double hollow sun board (also known as Kabu Long)

6mm ~ 20mm hollow multilayer structure shaped solar panels (Tic-Tac-structure; m word structure; honeycomb structure, etc.)

10mm ~ 20mm three-layer structure board Tic Tac Toe

8mm ~ 16mm triple X structural panels (M word structure)

Material: Bayer Markolon polycarbonate / USA GE Lexan polycarbonate

Specification: Width 2.1m * length 6m (special sizes can be customized large)

Technology: PC + UV triple extrusion extrusion molding

Feature: UV transmittance; weather is good; lightweight also installed; can be cold and easy styling

Conventional colors: Transparent / sky blue / grass green / white / brown / large sapphire color can be made in any color according to the needs of customers.

PC sunshine board / polycarbonate panels Total Uses:

1. The stadium; warehouse ceiling lighting and utilities; industrial plants

2. Subway; station entrances; corridor; shade skylights walkways

3. Parking; bicycle shed; residential home lighting storm canopy

4. Agricultural greenhouse plants; green eco-restaurant; flower market and large exhibition greenhouses covering lighting

5. Household sunny courtyard greenhouse

6. Home balcony, office space partitions

7. Modern highways, light rail and urban elevated road noise barriers

8. Bank security counter; jewelry store theft window; police riot helmet shields

9. advertising light panel; advertising display card; boxes and other shelters

10. Inter-site management, device security shield

Cost-effective products reflect:

1. The introduction of international advanced UV-PC coextrusion line and production technology;
2. The selection of high quality pure new Germany BAYER / US company GE PC polycarbonate material;

3. Multiple strict quality control, quality guaranteed

4. To provide professional support installation accessories (Aluminum bead / aluminum closing edges / butyl waterproof tape / EPDM waterproof seal tape)

5. Professional technical installation counseling.

6. timely delivery, good logistics and distribution system

7. Improve the service system, to make your installation secure

PC sheet excellent performance:


Excellent light transmission performance. Depending on the thickness of the different color light transmission rate of up to 18% to 82%.

Impact resistance:

PC sheet has outstanding impact resistance, can withstand hail, mechanical and other external damage, while, when solar panels by external shocks, no debris, only plastic deformation and fracture occurs. Tests proved, 10kg of the ball from 2 m height whereabouts sheet surface is not broken.

Weather resistance:

PC sheet has excellent mechanical properties, and in the temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ to maintain the properties even after prolonged exposure to the temperature range, PC sheet can maintain its load capacity and stability.


PC board using three co-extruded UV-PC method of producing a uniform surface is coated with a high concentration of UV absorbers, can guarantee sheet does not appear to use the Decade aging, yellowing index during the first ten years in contrast to the original data is less than 10, transparent light contrast to the raw data rate of less than 6%.

Flame resistance:

Fire rating of flame (GB8624-B1), from the fire self-extinguishing, and the combustion process does not produce toxic gases.

Quality easy to install:

PC sheet weight is much lower than the same thickness of glass (glass weight only 1/12 to 1/15), can be cold, not damaged, it is possible to use less mounting profiles, making the PC sheet installation compared with other materials save more time, labor and profiles.

Noise insulation:

PC hollow sheet hollow structure provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties, and the sheet thickness and number of layers thicker, the more the better noise insulation, can effectively save energy and reduce noise.