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Conrad sun panels focused on PC sun panel lighting system utilities

Conrad sun panels focused on PC sun panel lighting system utilities
  • Conrad sun panels focused on PC sun panel lighting system utilities
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Material: PC Polycarbonate Number of floors: double; three; four; honeycomb structure; lock type Origin: Foshan
Grade: A Level Specifications: 2.1m * 6m, special specifications can be customized according to customer size Open: Manual
Brands: Conrad Color: transparent; Sky Blue; grass green; sapphire; brown; cream

Foshan Conrad focused on PC sun panel lighting system utilities

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PC sunshine board (also known as Kabu Long) and polycarbonate panels (also known as solid board) is a comprehensive performance excellent engineering plastic sheet with excellent physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, the polycarbonate has so 'transparent plastic king 'reputation, it has a good impact resistance, heat insulation, noise, lighting, UV, flame retardant and other advantages. PC sheet is widely used in public, civil canopy lighting and block the channel roof, elevated road noise walls mall roof, greenhouse plants, industrial machinery gear cover, advertising light boxes, is currently the world's best one-shelf materials, modern architectural decoration sector is widely respected and praised the latest generation of products.

Polycarbonate hollow conventional PC sunshine board specifications: (Also known as Kabu Long)

4mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm double hollow sun board (also known as Kabu Long)

6mm ~ 20mm hollow multilayer structure shaped solar panels (Tic-Tac-structure; m word structure; honeycomb structure, etc.)

10mm ~ 20mm three-layer structure board Tic Tac Toe

8mm ~ 16mm triple X structural panels (M word structure)

Material: Bayer Markolon polycarbonate / USA GE Lexan polycarbonate

Specification: Width 2.1m * length 6m (special sizes can be customized large)

Technology: PC + UV triple extrusion extrusion molding

Feature: UV transmittance; weather is good; lightweight also installed; can be cold and easy styling

Conventional colors: Transparent / sky blue / grass green / white / brown / large sapphire color can be made in any color according to the needs of customers.

Mainly used: sun lighting channel / plant lighting / lighting canopy / awning / noise barriers / greenhouses, etc.

Anti-droplet sunshine board:

Performance: plate bottom surface covered with a layer of anti-condensation treated anti-droplet layer; a natural diffusion of water; the sheet material and the surface tension of the condensate is greater than the surface tension of the air / water; so that moisture in the air condenses into evenly on the plate Little drops of water distribution on the plate; the incline (the direction of the plate of ribs) slipped to the edge, rather than directly to achieve the anti-drip droplet effect, to prevent damage to greenhouse plants, while improving the transmittance of the greenhouse.

Mainly applicable to agricultural greenhouse, eco-restaurant, swimming venues.

Anti-droplet technology:

Droplet condensation can reduce the transmission rate of the sheet, reduce production, increase the probability of occurrence of pests and diseases, destruction of the ecological environment in the greenhouse.

In a greenhouse at a certain humidity and indoor and outdoor temperature must produce droplet condensation, but anti-droplet sheet can help you solve the problem droplet caused harm, patented anti-droplet technology can increase the surface tension between the condensate and the plate to control droplet dripping.

Since the advent of anti-droplet board, its excellent quality, stable performance, serving the majority of agricultural users, universal praise.

Anti-droplet plate applications:

1. Planting Greenhouse

Plants to meet the requirements of the ecological environment, to meet customer performance pursuit

2. The animal husbandry and fisheries breeding

Facilities farming - farming combined with solar panels - the new direction of agricultural development

3. Ecological Restaurant

Year-round spring dining environment, is inseparable from the use of anti-droplet sunshine board

The large-scale exhibition greenhouses

Arbitrary shape; easy installation; showing the effect of outstanding

5. Flower Market

Anti-droplet sun panels for the flower market to create a bright, warm shopping environment

6. Family Hanabusa

Refined; compact; appearance; and practical

Sun panels Installation Notes

Plate Installation recommendations:

Must ensure that the skeleton formation and cleaning 1. Before installation;

2. The first check the size of the plate and cut the amount of expansion reserve eligibility, pay special attention to leave enough uniform expansion gap, calculated as follows:
Total expansion gap = expansion coefficient * maximum temperature difference before and after the local installation * sheet length
Expansion coefficient of 7.0 * 10-5 mm / mm. K

3. The thermal expansion coefficient of the plate and the support frame are different and need to stay in margin to withstand wind pressure, snow load, etc., so embedded in the amount to be set aside adequate, and thermal expansion and contraction of space. Usually the sheet edge extends into the cage 25mm or more, and at least two of ribs when installing fixed area; thermal expansion and contraction of 3mm per meter gap in general;

4. identify UV plate surface side, and to the side out installation, never allow the inward side of the UV installation;

5. When installing the sheet, the sheet that covered the protective film will affect the combined joint compound and the plate, so before installing the protective membrane around the lift plate 5 ~ 10cm, do not let the profile clamp protective film, but it can not lift too much, so as to avoid damage to the plate surface operations;
Note: Some workers when operating in the protective film sandwiched in profile; then draw lifted with a sharp tool and then printed; but often scratch the plate surface and cause damage to the plate;

6. Under cold-formed hollow plate installed, the bending radius of not less than 175 times the sheet thickness;

Hollow sheet only along the direction of the curved ribs;

Hollow plate tilt should be installed along the direction of the ribs, it is conducive to the export of condensate;

7. The board shall be fixed directly self drilling screw shall reaming, hole diameter should be greater than all the bolt diameter, leaving a gap between expansion and contraction; therefore when the material plate hole, aperture must be larger than the screw diameter 50%, in part to avoid bending the lock screw, so as to avoid cracking plate;

8. The self-tapping force should be uniform when screwed ensure genuine compaction profile sealing strip and plate;

9. All pores should be filled in neutral sealant, neutral sealant and adhesive coating the exposed parts to prevent the infiltration of detergent edge, to prevent delay onset of crack; when found defective installation, site of leakage may occur in may be sealant compensate. Selection to choose the cured sealant remains soft, low modulus, elongation greater than 50% neutral weathering silicone rubber, before sizing must make aluminum and sheet surfaces clean and dry , so that no oil, dust, water vapor, dew and other debris, sizing should be uniform, smooth surface layer, and can not be uniform cross-section dimensions intermittent phenomenon; pay special attention to the neutral sealant used must advance Compatibility test sheet to avoid chemical reaction with the plate;

10. The center hole of the sheet edge spacing should be greater than or equal 2.5cm;

11. The whole process is strictly prohibited plate installation foot pedal surface, shall be used across the plate Moveable pedal operation;

12. PC board cut length must be greater than the width before bending;

13. Plate immediately after installation requirements torn off the protective film, as a result of construction of the special requirements of the protection board, also must first torn off protective film, and then re-cover;

14. After installing the plate should be a self-test, in particular, should seriously do spray test, check for leaks and, if leakage hazard should be eliminated, and then check the appearance quality;

PC sheet transport and storage:

When moving storage PC sheet, please be very careful to avoid scratching or damaging the board edge. All the sheet packing and shipping store in the following manner to minimize losses plate.
1 . Transport, packaging liner must be properly stored, can not be stored in direct sunlight and rain to the place; PC sheet must be handled with care during transportation to keep the inside clean, to prevent the side plate and a protective film of abrasions and Sunzhe, application paper leather or cloth strips to the four corners of the package was good. In transportation, the pad should be placed beneath the sheet of paper to prevent skin abrasions board.
2 . The upper and lower plates covered with a protective film, should be handled and installed in the sheet containing the sunny side UV protective layer. In the absence of installation, not torn off protective film to prevent scratches sheet surface.
3 . PC board must be stored indoors, avoid long-term storage in direct sunlight and can place the rain, drying room should be well-ventilated, clean and dust free. Stacked sheets stored edge as possible, to prevent dust in the air down into the interior sheet , and moisture in the air is formed in the sheet of water vapor condensation, and can not be in direct contact with the concrete floor to prevent corrosion sheet.

Special Note: The protective film Notes
(1) to store more than three months in direct sunlight, the plate surface protective film will not easily removed.
(2) at a temperature of more than 60 Storage time under the environment too, plate protective film will not easily torn off.
(3) the sheet into the dryer before pre-drying to remove the protective film.

PC sheet cleaning method:

Must be flushed with warm water below 60 ℃ 1. When cleaning;

2. Apply a mild detergent for cleaning, do not allow the use of PC sheet have erosion detergent;

3. Calls gently scrub with a soft cloth or sponge dipped neutral liquid ban coarse, dirty cloth, brushes, mops and other hard, sharp tools to clean.;

4. When the surface of the grease, wet paint, tape, etc. available sufficient imprinted ethanol dampened, soft cloth to wipe kerosene or gasoline;

5. You must use the water to wash down the dirt thoroughly washed;

6. Finally, with a clean, soft cloth or sponge to wipe the plate surface polished, not with obvious traces of water;