Roofing Supply lighting canopy - three / four-layer structure PC sunshine board

Roofing Supply lighting canopy - three / four-layer structure PC sunshine board

Product description:

Material: PC Polycarbonate Layers: three / four Origin: Foshan
Grade: AAAA level Specifications: 2.1m * 6m, special specifications can be customized Open: Manual
Brands: Conrad Color: Clear

Foshan Conrad focused on PC sun board lighting system career 13790034989

Foshan into a giant, founded in 2005, dedicated PC sun panels, polycarbonate panels aluminum accessories development, production and sales, is the most professional solar panels pressed aluminum, aluminum income side, sun panels greenhouse aluminum parts suppliers. The production operating pressure of the solar panels of aluminum, leak-proof water fittings up to more than 80 kinds of model specifications models complete, fast delivery, quality and cheap, welcome customers to sample production and processing.

At the same time my company to introduce international advanced PC hollow sun board in 2007, solid polycarbonate panels UV layer co-extrusion production equipment, the production of 'Conrad' solar panels are made of high quality pure new Bayer Markolon / USA GE Lexan polycarbonate processing of raw materials. Jinyi 'solar panels is by virtue of its high quality products, low prices to get the praise of customers. PC polycarbonate sheet with high light transmission, impact resistance, weather resistance, easy molding, light weight advantages are widely used in sun lighting channel, plant lighting, lighting canopy, awning, light boxes billboards, noise barriers, greenhouse, eco-restaurant, etc. is currently the world's best one-shelf materials, modern architectural decoration circles widely respected and praised the latest generation of products.

Over the years, into a giant enterprise always adhere to the early days in accordance with the purpose: to the most outstanding products, the best service, the most preferential prices to serve the community 'and based on the industry through continuous innovation and development efforts, has now become the most. Professional PC sun board lighting system manufacturer and supplier. We sincerely welcome customers and friends to come to inquire business negotiations.

Polycarbonate hollow conventional PC sunshine board specifications: (also known as hollow grid plate)

4mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm; 12mm double hollow sun board

6mm ~ 20mm hollow multilayer structure honeycomb solar panels

10mm ~ 20mm three-layer structure board Tic Tac Toe
8mm ~ 25mm triple X structural panels (M word structure)

6mm ~ 20mm four-layer structure lattice panel

Material: PC Polycarbonate

Specification: Width 2.1m * length 6m (special sizes can be customized large)

Technology: PC + UV triple extrusion extrusion molding, another can be added according to customer demand to prevent droplet coating

Feature: UV transmittance; weather is good; lightweight also installed; can be cold and easy styling

Conventional colors: Transparent / sky blue / grass green / white / brown / large sapphire color can be made in any color according to the needs of customers.

Three / four / five / six / Cellular strong structure sunshine board With respect to the double-ordinary general structure of solar panels has better impact resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation properties, but also in terms of installation and construction to withstand partial pressure because of better performance, you can increase the distance between the supporting skeleton, to gain greater cover was the use of space and lower installation costs, widely used in agriculture greenhouses, green eco-restaurant, large stadiums canopy lighting, highway noise barriers.

PC sunshine board / polycarbonate panels Total Uses:

1. The stadium ceiling lighting, industrial plants, warehouses and utilities

2. shade skylights subway station entrances, corridors, walkways

3. Parking, bike shed, home residential lighting storm canopy

4. Agricultural greenhouse plants, green eco-restaurant, flower market and large exhibition greenhouses covering lighting

5. Household sunny courtyard greenhouse

6. Home balcony, office space partitions

7. Modern highways, light rail and urban elevated road noise barriers

8. Bank security counter, jewelry store anti-theft window, police riot helmet shields

9. advertising light boxes panel, advertising display cards, boxes and other shelters

10. Inter-site management, device security shield

Cost-effective products reflect:

1. The introduction of international advanced UV-PC coextrusion line and production technology;
2. The selection of high quality pure new Germany BAYER / US company GE PC polycarbonate material;

3. Multiple strict quality control, quality guaranteed

4. To provide professional support installation accessories

5. Professional technical installation counseling

6. timely delivery, good logistics and distribution system

7. Improve the service system, to make your installation secure