Priced at direct supply greenhouse, lighting canopy, noise barrier dedicated PC sunshine Board

Priced at direct supply greenhouse, lighting canopy, noise barrier dedicated PC sunshine Board

Product description:

Material: PC polycarbonateLayers: doubleOrigin: Guangdong
Grade: a-Specifications: 2.1M*6mOpen method: manual
Brand: jucheng, Jia PuColor: transparent; Blue Lake; Grass green; Dark brown; Milky white; Sapphire blue; Other special color can be customized

PC polycarbonate Panel (also called kabulong) and endurance (also known as the solid plate) is an overall performance of engineering plastic plates; With outstanding physical; Machinery; Electrical and thermal properties; Polycarbonate transparent plastic King of reputation, it has good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, UV protection, flame retardant and so on. PC sheet is widely used in public buildings light and rain canopy, corridor ceiling, elevated road noise walls, Mall top cover, greenhouse plants, industrial machinery gear cover, is the most ideal material in a light shed, is a modern building decoration industry is widely commended and praised the latest generation of products.

I company by production sales of PC plate products are used Italy OMIPA (Austrian mipam) UV-PC total squeeze production equipment, featured quality pure of new Germany Bayer Markolon poly carbonate ester raw materials production, through UV+PC three layer total squeeze way production and into, products never added any recycling material, sunny surface uniform covered has 50 micron of anti-UV coating, effective resist UV, plate anti-aging, anti-yellow variable, real do warranty ten years.

Warranty coverage:

Ⅰ . Change of yellowness index: within ten years from the date of production is lower than 10.0, yellow index test according to GB/T2409.

Ⅱ . The change of light transmittance: transparent plate, within ten years from the date of purchase is less than 6%, light transmission rate according to the GB/T2410.

Ⅲ . If the test results exceed the limits listed above, you can replace the plate.

Please to our sales personnel at the time of purchase for ten years warranty.

From this figure you can very intuitive understanding of so-called PC-UV production technology of three-layer co-extruded, uniform coating with a higher concentration of UV coating on the surface, not only to protect against aging yellow plate.

Can effectively protect the plate the following items.

We are able to provide you with the following specification model PC sunlight Panel:

4mm-10MM double hollow structure plates

10MM-20mm three-layer structure

8mm-16mm structure of three-layer x (meter structure)

Material: Germany Bayer Markolon polycarbonate

Technology: PC+UV three-layer extrusion co-extrusion

Characteristics: light transmittance UV; Good weather resistance; Lightweight installation; Cold bending shape

Sheet General specification for above: 2.1M*6m, special specifications can be customized production

Stand color: transparent/blue/green/white/Brown/Blue color can be customized

PC sunshine Panel/endurance Board applications:

1. the gym; Industrial plants; Warehouse and facilities lighting roof

2. Metro; Station entrance; Aisle; Walkway shaded lighting Studio

3. car park; Bicycle shed; Home House light rain canopy

4. plant greenhouse; Green Restaurant; Flower market and the large exhibition greenhouse lighting

5. the home garden sunlight greenhouse

6. Home Terrace, offices and other space partition

7. modern highways, light rail and the urban road noise barrier

8. Bank theft counters; Jewellery shop Security window; Police riot helmets shields

9. advertising panels; Advertising boards; Shelter light boxes

10. the site management, safety shields

PC sunshine plate used in Highway noise barriers:

PC Board performance:

Light transmission:

Excellent light transmission performance. Depending on the color depth of different light transmission rate of up to 18%~82%.

Impact resistance:

PC Board has outstanding impact resistance and can withstand hail, damage from machinery and other external forces, and when the sunlight when subjected to external impact, will not cause fragmentation, only plastic deformation and fracture. Tests show that 10kg the ball falling from a height of 2 meters, plate surface without rupture.

Weathering resistance:

PC Board with excellent mechanical properties, and within the temperature range-40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ to keep this feature, even long term exposure to the temperature range in the PC Board can maintain its stability and load capacity.


PC plate produced by UV-PC three-layer co-extruded method, evenly covering the surface of a high concentration of UV absorber, ensures that the plate used for ten years without aging, yellowing index compared to the original data in the first ten years is less than 10, compared to the original data is less than the rate of transmission 6%.

Of difficult-flammability:

Fire classification of difficult ignition (GB8624-B1), from the fire to extinguish, and the combustion process does not generate toxic gases.

Quality easy to install:

PC Board weight far below the glass of the same thickness (only for the weight of the glass 1/12~1/15), cold bending, not easy to be damaged, can use less profile fixing, makes the PC Board installation and other materials to save even more time, labor and profiles.

Sound insulation:

PC hollow plate hollow structure provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and thickness and the thicker the layer, the more insulation the better, to save energy and reduce noise.

Below is the 2008 lighting installed an underground garage shed (8mm transparent polycarbonate Panel), two years after what we saw?

A broken light shed. Because there is no anti-UV coating on the surface, plate in two years quickly aging yellow and brittle. Just think, as any consumer who is not willing to spend thousands of tens of thousands of Yuan to do such a light shed on it?!!!

So come when you buy sunshine Board, not only considering the price, but more importantly also depends on the quality. Cheap does not mean that you save a lot of expenses, on the contrary, follow-up the more you will pay for it.

Our goal is to provide you with the right products, you buy the rest assured!

We welcome customers come Advisory calls business negotiations. We will continue to provide you with quality PC sunshine Board, endurance.