Polycarbonate hollow plate factory direct PC sunshine board

Polycarbonate hollow plate factory direct PC sunshine board

Product description:

For inquiries PC sunshine board price, PC sun panel specifications, PC sun panel construction and installation, please call contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the best products, the best service, the most preferential prices.

We guarantee that we produce each 'Jinyi' solar panels are using the new Bayer sunshine board dedicated polycarbonate polymer production and processing of raw materials, production inspectors can visit the site to visit!

PC sun panels, polycarbonate panels is a comprehensive performance excellent engineering plastic sheet with excellent physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, it polycarbonates have 'transparent plastic king' reputation, it has a good impact resistance, insulation, noise, lighting, UV, flame retardant and other advantages. PC sheet is widely used in public, civil canopy lighting and block the channel roof, highway noise walls, roof shopping malls, greenhouse plants, industrial machinery gear cover advertising light boxes, is currently the world's best one roof glazing material, highly modern building decoration sector is widely respected and praised.

Polycarbonate hollow conventional PC sunshine board specifications: (also known as hollow grid plate)

4mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm; 12mm double hollow sun board

6mm ~ 20mm hollow multilayer structure honeycomb solar panels

10mm ~ 20mm three-layer structure board Tic Tac Toe

8mm ~ 25mm triple X structural panels (M word structure)

6mm ~ 20mm four-layer structure lattice panel

Material: Bayer Markolon special extrusion grade polycarbonate sun board

Specification: Width 2.1m * length 6m (special sizes can be customized large)

Technology: PC + UV triple extrusion extrusion molding, another can be added according to customer demand to prevent droplet coating

Feature: UV transmittance; weather is good; lightweight also installed; can be cold and easy styling

Conventional colors: Transparent / sky blue / grass green / white / brown / large sapphire color can be made in any color according to the needs of customers.