LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light

Product description:

Keyword: led grow light; led plant light; led flower light

Product Name:

High Power LED Grow Light

Item No.:


Input Voltage:

100 � 240 V AC

Output Voltage:

DC 50-76V

Input Current:

700 mA

Out power:

150 W

LEDs Quantity:

80 pcs x 3w

Luminous Flux:

) 2560 Lm

LED Brand:

Epistar / Bridge or Customized

Lighting Area:

3.3 M² /80cm


19000 lux/1m, 14000 lux/1.5m, 8300 lux/2m

LED View Angle:

30 / 60 / 90 / 120 degree

Working Temperature:

-20℃ - 50

Lighting Time / per day:

10 � 16 Hours

Life Span:

50000 Hours

Products Size:

353 x 105 x 230 mm


4.7 kgs



Colour and Wavelength

Regular Ratio ( More for your requirement)

R (630) /B (460) /O (610)

R: B=8: 1/ R: B=8: 2/ R: O: B=7: 1: 1/ R: O: B: W=6: 1: 1: 1/ All R630/ All B

R (660) /B (460) /O (610)

R: B=8: 1/ R: B=8: 2/ R: O: B=7: 1: 1/ R: R: O: B: W=6: 1: 1: 1: 1/ All R660

1. Double Cages Structural Heat Dissipation Design, Better Cooling Performance
Chill airflow was sucked from the upper cage and then vented through the lower level air outlet in a very high speed because of the fan's enormous pressure. The high speed chill airflow takes the heat away from the heat sink very efficiently and will never return to the upper cage again after cooling the heat sink because of the obstruction of the baffle which is in the middle of the fixture. As such, the thermal cycle was cut off and better cooling performance acquires.
2. Better protection & Lower Noise
Not like the previous fan's installation, new double cages structure covers the vulnerable fans inside to protect them from external disturbance. This structure also substantially reducing the fan's noise while increasing the whole light's waterproofing capability and dust preventing capability due to its enclosed construction.
3. 700 MA is a Benchmark
700 MA is a benchmark electric current for 3W LEDs, running LEDs with possibly high current can take full advantage of LEDs, making your initial investment in LED devices to be well worth it. However, LEDs and LED drivers should be of superior quality as so to undertake the high electric current, besides the entire equipment should be good enough in heat dissipating to bear all the heat emitted by 3w leds.
Selects the finest LEDs and drivers to ensure the stable performance as well as the long life span of the fixtures, our three-year warranty policy proves our confidence in products.
4. IP52 rating against dust and water-drop
The lid of the light is with sloping ends and angled holes to prevent the light from the damaging of drippage and dust.
5. Modular assembling
No-glue design, very easy for repairment and maintenance.
Only few steps to assemble up the whole fixture.