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LED Street Light SGL-PST04

LED Street Light SGL-PST04
  • LED Street Light SGL-PST04
  • LED Street Light SGL-PST04
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E40 Interface High Efficiency LED Street Light

Item No.: SGL-PST04
Net Weight: 1.56 Kgs
Specifications: Ф150 x 285 mm
Lamp Base: E27 / E39 / E40
LEDs: 72 x 1W
Light Source Power: 72 W
Total Power: 80 W
Light Efficiency: ≥ 100-110 Lm / W
Color Temperature: Warm White: 3700K-3200K
Pure White: 4000K-4500K
Cool White: 5700K-6300K
Input Voltage: AC90V~265V / DC12 / 24V
Input Frequency: 50 ~ 60 HZ
Output Current: 320 ~ 330 mA
Driving Power Factor: ) 0.90
Driving Power Transformation Efficiency: ) 85%
Light Angle: Horizontal horizontal 120 degrees
Longitudinal 160 degrees
Luminous Decay: Within 1000Hours ( 3%
Life Span: ) 50000hs
Light Spot Shape: Circular Facula
Working Temperature Scope: -40℃ ~ 70℃
Storage Temperature Scope: -20℃ ~ 60℃
Light Source Lumious Flux: ) 7200 Lm
Radiation Range: 6M: 45/2²πM²
8M: 55/2²πM²
Illuminance: 6M: ) 72 LUX
8M: ) 51 LUX


Applicable scope:

1. Applied to urban sub-trunk roads and residential roads and sidewalk lighting
2. For the landscape lamp, courtyard lighting
3. Applies to solar and wind-powered lighting.
4. Applies to mines, ships, machine tools and other lighting.
5. Can directly replace the incandescent lamp; energy-saving lamps; electrodeless lamps; mercury lamp; sodium lamp without the need to replace the original holde


1. Luminous efficiency : 100LM / W
2. Long life: LED lamp life of up to 5-7 years;
3. Healthy Lighting: Low heat; no hot-radioactive; non-mercury; sodium and other elements harmful to human health;
4. Beneficial to the environment: LED light for all-solid-body impact resistance is not easy broken; waste recycling; pollution-free can be called the Green Color illumination light source;
5. Adapt to the environment strong: in the-40℃-80℃, humidity ≤ 65% of the environment.

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