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Honeycomb inclined tube filler

Honeycomb inclined tube filler
  • Honeycomb inclined tube filler
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Honeycomb inclined tube filler

Honeycomb inclined tube honeycomb inclined tube filler filler honeycomb inclined tube filler

Hexagonal honeycomb inclined tube filler , Ethylene-propylene copolymer material used (PP) Mainly used for a variety of precipitation and grit removal effect, more than a decade to the drainage works in the most widely used and mature in a water treatment device. Cellular ramp has a wide range of high treatment efficiency, small footprint etc., suitable for Desanding intake, general industrial and domestic water sedimentation, grease and tailings enrichment process. both for new construction, but also for retrofitting existing old pool, it has achieved good economic results.
Honeycomb inclined tube filler main features:
Wet weeks, hydraulic radius is small. Laminar flow state is good, not settling floc particles flow interference. When the oblique tube length 1 Meters, payload press 3-5 Ton / Meter 2` Design. V0 Control in 2.5-3.0 Millimeter / Within the second range, the best water quality. Using cellular ramp at the water intake pipe, tube length 2.0 ~ 3.0 When m in 50-100 kg / Meter 3 High turbidity in the safe operation of the processing content of the sediment. Using inclined tube sedimentation tank, its capacity is advection sedimentation tank 3-5 Times, accelerate the clarifier clarifiers and pulse 2-3 Times. Common specifications are not: 35, 50, 80.

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