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PAC Abbreviations: Poly aluminum ( PAC)
Of the formula: AL2 (OH) nCL6-n] m (n is 3-5 m≤10.)
Water treatment chemicals are often used as a large number of applications.
Most of the PAC which products are widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, large amounts of sewage discharge unit main application enterprises, power plants, steel mills, paper companies, as well as coal mines, etc. and one for domestic water and water service company, Because of the relationship between the applications, this part of the requirements of indicators will be slightly higher, mainly reflected in the content of water insoluble matter and heavy metals, part of the production process I will have some differences with sewage treatment. a final application realm acting on the commodity, this index requirements will be more high, usually are used in spray-drying process produced by the PAC, and its water-soluble speed, control PH value, and standard on raw materials is also higher, Of course, its price can be imagined
Total said its application areas are:
1, city water purification: river water, reservoir water, groundwater 2, 3 industrial water purification, municipal water treatment.
4, industrial waste water and waste recycling useful materials to promote the settlement of pulverized coal washing waste water, starch manufacturing starch recovered 5, a variety of industrial wastewater treatment: dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, wastewater containing fluoride, heavy metal waste water, oil waste water, coal washing wastewater, mine drainage, brewing wastewater, metallurgy wastewater, meat processing wastewater. 6, sewage treatment. 7, paper sizing. 8, sugar refining. 9, cast molding. 10, wrinkle-free cloth. 11, catalyst carrier 12, medicine refined. 13, quick-setting cement. 14, cosmetic ingredients
PAC use:
Usually the amount of PAC is based on the actual situation of the general recommendation is to do a small experiment on their own to determine the actual amount invested. A few more times, and the results do comparison tests. Finally optimum results served.
GM put the amount of: liquid product 20-100 g / t, solid 5-30 g / t, if the dosing through a small test, the better.
Normally PAC is the first solid after dilution with water to make a liquid stirring PAC then apply effects and utilization will be higher
PAC Storage:
Liquid: It is recommended to use with the system with; storage time not too long; so as not to reduce its effect.
Solid: Store in a dry warehouse moisture, ventilation, avoid heat, longer shelf life of one year will reduce its effective content shall not be toxic or harmful substances transported a total storage..

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