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SGH-S2-PE Double Nozzle Spray Gun

SGH-S2-PE Double Nozzle Spray Gun
  • SGH-S2-PE Double Nozzle Spray Gun
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  • SGH-S2-PE Double Nozzle Spray Gun

  • Model: SGH-S2-PE

  • Product Approvals: None

  • Capable: None

  • Brand Name: cnisoo

  • Brief Description: SGH-S2-PE type PE paint spray gun; combined with the principle of the stud gun by a special structure; the different components of the paint or liquid

  • Cup Volume: 5L

  • Type: High Pressure Gun

  • Application: Paint Spray Gun

  • Feature: Pressure

  • Manufacturer:

  • 2 nd
  • Cnisoo Hong Kong Industry Limited

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  • Spray Gun [14]

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  • Product RangeMain products: Spray gun; Spray nozzle; bump; Painting Accessories

  • CertificatesGMC World Famous Brand Association

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    Cnisoo Hong Kong Industry Limited

    Company Name pronunciation and explanations: Chang [chǎng], Wing + day sun meaning that the table forever, I hope that during the day long also never soaring intended. The source [yuán] water outflow, meaning the origin and the origin. Company overview: Location: southern China, near the South China Sea, adjacent to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, belongs to the jurisdiction of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Company plant: 1000 square meters; CNC machining centers; milling machining center; 12000 rpm NC 6m gantry machining center; Han s Laser marking equipmentTesting equipment: projectors; the second element; three-dimensional; spectrum analyzer; traffic monitor; pressure monitor; spray test bed; automatic analyzerR & D personnel: two counterparts undergraduate; specialist two fluid designers; runner analystMarketing personnel: domestic full-time staff of eight; foreign trade full-time staff of four; six after-sales service; technical engineering support 3Registered capital: RMB 500000 general taxpayerCooperation case (in part) : Japan Sanshe; China Jinlong; the United States; China; Germany; with Sri Lanka; Shun On; Hong Kong; and Taiwan s Ting Hsin; Japan Bridgestone (BRIDGESTONE) , Dongguan Warburg, southern Sichuan, Chongqing wins Princeton, Zhejiang Spear, U. S. Di electric cars, the Truswell Wood, furniture revitalizationChang-source development history: 2004, CnSeiko spray incorporated in Hong Kong, engaged in the sale of the painting accessories. In the same year, in Dongguan in the mainland to establish branches CnSeiko painting. In 2006, the company developed a micro-gun, the release agent of gun. Stud gun. 2007 career CnSeiko Hong Kong Limited in Kowloon, Hong Kong was established mainly service the coating industry, spraying tool. In 2008, research and development of the furniture industry with PE gun, and obtained national patent. The same time the trademark CnSeiko (cnseiko) be allowed to register. 2009, stud gun and trace gun structure adjustment, the new upgrading. In the same year, the company began to introduce CNC machining centers and independent production of automatic gun. In 2010, the company developed the production of a glue gun adhesive side of the PU mold release agents used in shoe factory automatic gun and shoes. In 2011, the automatic PE gun developed and put into production. In 2012, the company set up a foreign trade team, developing markets of Europe, America and Southeast Asia, the new brand CNISOO be allowed to register, and began to promote. Work with sales and service work, the CnSeiko the solution of environmental programs, environmental measures focus on the application of fluid and air purification, and provide program improvement and technical support to the enterprise. Creating industry leading. Chang source-the Dongguan City CnSeiko painting accessories Co. , Ltd. , Dongguan region s largest painting accessories suppliers, only get a member of the world famous enterprises (WTB) .German-based; appeal to every one of the villagers living in the global village Germany as the world s re-thinking, green deep source of the Sunrise , to support low-carbon life. With a sense of crisis to focus on industrial pollution, whatever for the emission reduction dedication to self. Always adhere to the only world, the only home! As a fundamental concept for industrial environmental protection provided with the following products: 1; pneumatic double diaphragm pump2; air automatic, manual spray gun3; pneumatic agitator4; nano spray gun, dedicated pump, removable, portable water curtain cabinet5; bunk corrosion-resistant explosion-proof tubing6; Shoes dispensing gun7; painting dedicated accessoriesPainting, cleaning, abatement design, construction, technical improvements and support, perfect after-sales service. Other details refer to the company printed materials, or call to contact the relevant department heads to get the latest product information!You can also log www. cnseiko. com to learn more about our products. Our toll-free 400-696-8005Our E-mail address: cnseiko@cnseiko.comOur office phone : 086-769-85318800Fax : 086-769-86068229Our contact address: No. 36, Zhongshan North Road, Shangsha Industrial Area, Dongguan City Changan town

    General Information

    Year of Establishment2012
    CapitalBelow US$100 Thousand
    Sales VolumeUS$2.5 Million-US$5 Million
    Brand Namecnisoo