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No damage blueberries election fruit machine

No damage blueberries election fruit machine
  • No damage blueberries election fruit machine
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LMXGJ-1 type blueberry diameter grader

Sorting Speed: 0.8 tons of blueberries / h (sorting blueberries diameter adjustable existing 111518mm);

Sorting rating: 4 (with a substandard, that tall super majority);

Sorting by: diameter grading;

Power: 380 / 220V;

Matching power: 1.5kW;

Dimensions: 3300 * 900 * 920mm;

Weight: 300 kg;

Purpose: Blueberry diameter size grading, grading Raspberry Hill mold size, miniature size potato sorting.

Features: 1, blueberry diameter precision sorter, not to hurt the blueberry, precise sorting, sorting speed, is the best blueberry processing sorting equipment; 2, a multi-purpose, using a wide range of easy to move, easy to maintain 3, advanced design, steel structure, strong and beautiful 4, low power consumption, low noise, easy to operate.;
Sorting principle: The election fruit machine by controlling the diameter of the small size of the gap to sorting blueberries rank size, diameter size from small to big, fruit smaller than the size of the gap to fall, fall into this next stage of the material basket, This gap is larger than the size of the fruit is transferred continue to move forward until it falls less than the size of the cutting basket, a level sorting by size class, the entire sorting belt part is sloshing around, so as to achieve the precise points blueberries election, not to hurt the fruit, sorting speed, high efficiency and save manpower labor, improve work efficiency.

Service: equipment lifetime maintenance.

Delivery: I am responsible for contact with local logistics from delivery truck to you, after you check the goods to machine no collision damage, the driver can pay the freight.

Suitable for: fruit and vegetable cultivation professional cooperatives, fruit planting base, fruit processing plants, growers, orchards, fruit bag plant, fruit and vegetable preservation, fruit cold storage, fruit processing companies, supermarkets and other fruits and vegetables.